Singapore – Get Lost in 21st Century Urban Luxuries

Over the past few decades, Singapore has been on a turbo mode as far as urbanization is concerned. The stunning sky scrapers, night life and the lights of the city will make sure to leave you enthralled. Take a trip to know what urbanization is all about.

Get Lost in 21st Century Urban Luxuries

If you have enough money in your pocket and want to find a place where you can spend it on the best of modern urban luxuries? Well then Singapore is the place that you should visit. An electric blend of South Asian cultures, bars, restaurants or the local travel facilities, everything reeks of sophistication and modernization. So, although life here is a bit expensive but it’s a great place to visit and it’s worth it.

Most of you have already know that Singapore is also known as the Garden City. Amidst tremendous urbanization with infinite skyscrapers done in glass, steel and chrome, you will find nature reserves, stunning bird sanctuaries and numerous other green pockets. As a matter of fact the country is minuscule when compared to its neighboring south Asian countries like China and India. All of the 700 sq Km, the country has proved itself that size is not a factor when it comes to enthralling tourists with Singapore packages that includes unmatched hospitality and innumerable chances to have a great fun with your friends and family.

Botanic gardens

Botanic gardens

However, the major advantage for tourists in this country is it’s an excellent urban public transport system. When you choose Singapore package tour, you do not have to spend extra money on hiring a car because you can travel in the public transport systems. That way, you will only save some of your money, but also gives you a glimpse of the local plus of Singapore. A great way to explore Singapore is by the double decker bus. You hop onto the top tier of the bus and enjoy the superfast pace of the city. This city never slows down and you are about to find it out during your journey as part of package for Singapore.

Another advantage for tourist is that the country does not pose the dreaded language barrier when you take up the Singapore tour package. Almost all the staff members of all Singapore hotels can communicate in English and the government signs all over the city are in Tamil, Malay, Chinese and English. So, it is a lot easier for you to find your way in the city. However, the English here is unique with a dash of Singapore flavors. For a foreigner, English is very easy to understand, although the accent and usage of certain terms are very charming to hear.

Your holiday package for Singapore will leave a memorable impression in your mind because everything about Singapore is unique. Beginning from the Singapore zoo, which is renowned for being the only open zoo in the world, to the underwater world and the numerous amusement parks, the attractions of Singapore have a special distinction. You will love visiting Sentosa Island as part of your package for Singapore for some of the cleanest beaches in the whole world. You can also watch the Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. Half lion and half fish, this huge sculpture stands facing the sea and spouting water from its lion’s mouth. It is a great sight indeed.

So, book your visit, put up in some lovely Singapore hotels and have a blast in urban Singapore.

Singapore package tour can give you a great insight into the urbanization that the country has gone through. Talk to your tour operator when you book Singapore hotels for your stay and Singapore tour, spend time soaking in the modern Singapore city.

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