Singapore’s Top 10 Halal Dessert You Must Give A Try!

Singapore is full of surprises and one of its lesser-known secrets are the halal desserts. It is the place to visit for all dessert-junkies out there. So, now visiting to Singapore will never be the same if you are a person who likes to cafe hop around, as it is definitely something not to be missed.

This article will list out the top 10 Halal Dessert in Singapore islandwide:

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

  1. Fluff BakeryThis is by far the most popular place to get some delicious cupcakes. Owned by a young Muslim baker, it is located at Jalan Pisang (Arab Street area) in November 2013. This bakery is famous for their fluff and moist cupcakes. Each and every cupcake that they bake has a surprise, creamy core filling! Interesting, ain’t it? This bakery sells 6 different bespoke cupcakes including their 2 very-owned specialty cupcakes (Nutella Red Velvet and Salted Caramel) every week! They do sell exquisite slice of cakes as well! To avoid disappointment, be sure to scroll their Instagram often– they will update their menu timely as well as the cupcakes availability. Address: 12 Jalan Pisang Singapore 199079 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 1200hrs until sold out! (Closed on Sunday & Monday) Price Range: $
  1. Butter StudioDefinitely a halal-certified, this bakery offers you different kinds of delicacies. From a variety of cupcakes, the crunchy macarons and to their best selling Sea Salt Nutella tart. Surely you will be spoiled for choices! Their Jalan Besar outlet only offers appetizing main courses such as Turkey Egg Benny and Pancakes! Be sure to check their Instagram or Facebook for more daily updates. They have expanded 2 other outlets last year– a pop-up store at Takashimaya B2 Food Hall and their newly open store at the OneKM Mall. Address: 147 Jalan Besar Singapore 208865 Opening Hours: Daily from 1000hrs to 2200hrs || Takashimaya B2 Food Hall #B208-4A (opposite St. Leaven Bakery) || OneKM Mall #B1-K13 Price Range: $$
  1. Cake Love Dessert BarThis cafe is merely steps away from Fluff Bakery! It is definitely an ideal spot for you to catch up with your ex-classmates or even a date with your loved one as well. They have cosy interiors for you to sit back and relax. The unique selling point of this cafe is that they sell yummy-licious Belgium waffle topped with ice cream flavors. Apart from that they also sell various types of beverages like Italian Sodas and Shakes. Apart from desserts, they sell scrumptious main courses & artistic handcrafted coffee too!  Address: 4 Jalan Pisang Singapore 199071 Opening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 1200hrs to 2100hrs, Friday and Saturday from 1200hrs to 2300hrs Closed on Mondays Price Range: $$

    Enjoy the local delicacies!

    Enjoy the local delicacies!

  1. The Piping Bag: Set up in the middle of 2014 by a passionate head chef from SHATEC (a culinary institution based in West, Singapore), this pop-up pastry store offers a wide range of vivid macarons filled with different flavors; from cream cheese to salted caramel. Not to forget their signature cupcakes and cake pop as well! They serve hot and cold beverages too. If you intend to make a bigger purchase of their desserts, be sure to look forward to their pop-up boxes. You can take a group photo with their quirky, pop-up art photo props too. Isn’t that cool? Address: *SCAPE 2 Orchard Link, #02-34, Singapore 237978 Opening Hours: Daily 1000hrs to 2200hrs Price Range: $
  1. Sweet Tooth AddictionIf you’re at Geylang Serai or Joo Chiat Road area, don’t miss out the wares of this exciting dessert shop. It is just a 10-minutes walk from Joo Chiat Complex. Once you are there, you can expect churros with flavored dips of your choice, their hot selling Nutella cheesecakes, and variety of flavored dessert jars. Along the way, you can grab their savory pastas, wraps, sandwiches and even pizzas! They do provide a delivery service available islandwide (except Tuas) with a charge of $5-$10, depending on the location. Give them a call for further enquiries. Address: 216 Joo Chiat Road #01-08 Singapore 427483 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 1200hrs to 0000/0200hrs (Closed on Mondays) Price Range: $$

    Toast and Butter, Nothing Better!

    Toast and Butter, Nothing Better!

  1. Penny University: Located at the heart of East Coast Road, lies a coffee house which was established since 2012 and it is owned by a Muslim. Not only do they serve coffees and teas, but they serve delectable main courses as well as mouthful desserts. Expect their all-day breakfast like their best selling Egg Benedict and their freshly brewed coffee. Address: 402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 0830hrs to 1800hrs, Friday to Saturday 0830 to 0000hrs, Sunday 0830hrs to 1800hrs Price range: $$
  1. Spatula BakerySpatula Bakery was established in early 2013, and it is an ex-neighbor to Sweet Tooth Addiction. Spatula Bakery is famous for their cupcakes, dessert jars as well as cake pops. In the middle of 2014, they made a successful milestone by expanding their small shop into a bigger and wider cafe. Situated at Frankel Avenue, it’s convenient for you to take a direct bus (Bus 32) from Bedok Interchange. They still serve cupcakes, dessert jars, cake pops, macarons, alongwith a variety of cake slices (Rainbow Ramble Cake is their best-selling item on the menu), Belgian waffles and beverages (hot and cold). Invite your loved ones for a coffee, this cafe also set up a live acoustic performance by the local budding singers every week. Address: 87 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458215 Opening Hours: Daily 1000hrs to 2200hrs  Price range: $
  1. La Marelle Cafe: Located near the iconic Sultan Mosque, you will be invited with their whimsical, cutesy and vibrant interior as you make your way up to the cafe. You heard me right; their cafe is at 2nd level. This bustling cafe offers different types of delicious western meals with some refreshing hot and iced beverages of your choice. Not to forget their signature macarons and slice of cakes. Besides mouth-watering meals, a wide selection of stationery, cutlery and even cute tote bags can be found at the corner. These items can be purchased from the cafe too. Address: 25A Baghdad Street Opening Hours: Daily 1130hrs to 2230hrs Price Range: $$
  1. The Finest Tea Shop: Fancy getting some good brewed tea and a heavenly slice of gooey Brownies topped with ice cream after a exhausting day at Pulau Ubin? Hop over to The Finest Tea Shop. They are situated at the heart of Changi Village since 2014. They serve homemade Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak, Classic Breakfast and their signature sandwiches. Oh! Not to mention their colorful Rainbow slice cake, Nutella Cheese Tart and even Chocolate Speculoos cupcake. FYI, they are retailing boxes of teas and even Ovomaltine spreads for you to bring home. Be sure to check this cafe out if you’re around Changi Village!  Address: Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2060 Singapore 500004 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 1000hrs to 2200hrs Closed on Mondays Price Range: $
  1. Wheebake by MagikPlannerSituated at the gorgeous Pandan Gardens, Wheebake is totally a hidden gem for you to find, as it is a 15-minute walking distance between Pandan Reservoir and the cafe itself. They serve cupcakes like Horlicks, Ondeh Ondeh (which has its origin from a traditional Malay kueh and it is in a form of mini Green ball with a Gula Melaka filling which coated with a grated coconut), cheesecakes, cake slices, molten lava and their heavenly Belgian waffles. Besides the desserts, you will get to enjoy their cooling beverages especially their best selling Ice Nutella. They do provide delivery as well on a certain days. Check their Instagram account for more updates! This quaint cafe provides 2 sets of tables and chairs outside. So, if you wish to dine-in, give them a call for reservation. Address: 415 Pandan Gardens #01-114 Singapore 427483 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 1300hrs to 1900hrs, Fri to Saturday 1300hrs to 2100hrs, Sunday 1100hrs to 1800hrs (Closed on Mondays) Price Range: $

History of Singapore: From “Sea-Town” to the Current Cosmopolitan ‘Busiest-City-Of-the-World’ Tag!


Singapore, as we now know was very different when it was getting established as a civilization. The beautiful city that is full of hustle bustle and lights was once a quiet city, which was ruled by five kings and it then came under the Malay rule. It took a long time for Singapore to become what it is now. Full of energy, brightness and colors; Singapore has come a long way to achieve the title of the busiest city in the whole world. From Nada to Prada, that is how you can best describe it now but earlier, things were drastically different as people weren’t even sure if it would ever gain independence.

Let us have a peak in the history of this modern day wonder and the hardships and shortcomings that the people faced together as a nation.

The name of this great nation was surprisingly not Singapore from the starting. It was changed several times before getting the final name of Singapore. Initially referred to as “The island at the end of the peninsula”, Singapore saw its first settlements as early as 1298 AD. It later got the name of Sea Town as it was surrounded by sea on all sides.

The Symbol of Singapore

The Symbol of Singapore

Around the 14th century, a prince who was very fond of hunting lions named it “The Lion City” or “Singapura” and hence the name Singapore was finalized for this city. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founded the modern day Singapore in the 19th century. Singapore was a top-trading city at this time, and merchants from all over the world were interested in trading with Singapore.


Formally under Malaysia, Singapore fought for its independence and elected its first Prime Minister in 1959. Lee Kuan Yew was the first Prime Minister of Singapore who worked towards getting nationalism for Singapore and its people.

On 9 August 1965, Singapore became an independent and sovereign democratic nation after it separated from Malaysia and the Malay rule. This was the first step towards the modernization of this city. The city saw a drastic change in its appearance and the citizens, as after that as they became more work oriented and worked hard towards the growth of the economy of Singapore.

Growth of Singapore

After it gained independence, Singapore was reeling on the shaky grounds of uncertainty and doubt. The people did not know what to do or whom to trust. There was a lot of confusion and doubts about the choice of profession and also the kind of education that was to be provided to the children.

Also, Singapore was in the danger of getting attacked by many foreign entities like the Indonesian military and the Malaysian military, as it was a newly freed nation and everyone wanted to step on its weakness and rule it. To combat these problems, the economic development board was set up in 1961 and many capable people were put together to solve the security problem that the nation was facing. Numerous important economic strategies were formulated to lead to the growth of Singapore as a whole nation.

Then there was another problem – health and sanitation. Singapore was not as clean and unpolluted, as it is today. People were economically weak and poorly sanitized; the houses were not enough to accommodate the whole population. And thus, the housing development board was set up to combat these issues. Many building projects were laid down and thousands of houses were built for the people of Singapore. The government strongly believed that the sanitation situation should be improved and the city saw a drastic change in the cleanliness sector.

And the city was kept secure by the Singapore armed forces, which in the current date are considered is the best security troops in the world. And so, the march towards a modern Singapore began.

Modern Singapore

Very soon, the unemployment rate fell down to as low as a three percent and the GDP growth increased to eight percent. It was in the middle of the 1980’s that Singapore began to focus on the improvement and installment of the latest technology and making the city technically sound, as well.

Modern Singapore

Modern Singapore

1981 saw the inauguration of the Singapore Airlines and it was major step towards the modernization of Singapore. It is a major airline and it connects Singapore to every continent in the world. Also, the Singapore airport is one of the busiest airports in the world as Singapore is now a major business hub and also a major tourist attraction.

The future of Singapore

An architectural wonder, an ace in the modern day technology, a hub for employing the largest number of local as well as foreigners, one of the best armies in the whole world, the health condition acing the charts, Singapore started from ground zero and has built itself an empire that is envied by many.

Today, everyone wants to go and work in Singapore, as it provides a good standard of living and also its currency is equal to pretty more or less the US dollar. It has become one of the top most choices for people to go and settle in as it provides great hospitality and warmth to its foreign population.

The open mindedness of this city has led to the evolution of its multi-cultural perspective. Today, Singapore is full of people from every caste, creed and color and they cannot be happier about it. Every year people flock to Singapore for a vacation and all they want to do is to indulge in a repeat-vacation. The growth that this city has seen in the tourism department is really great. The amusement parks, the fun joyrides, the multi-cuisine fine dining restaurants, the spicy street food, the lush and rich flora and fauna, the freshness and refreshing air, the beaches, the aroma of clear air; who does not want to go on a vacation here!

Singapore is progressing by leaps and Bounds

Singapore is progressing by leaps and Bounds

The future of Singapore holds a very strong plan towards an even cleaner and pollution free city. The government is focusing on removing the poverty from the roots and giving every citizen the life that they deserve. Many plans are being proposed to build a green city to combat the dry spells and farming problems that they are currently facing.

The future will see a Singapore that is vibrant and sustainable, has a whole bunch of gracious and hospitable people, a place that anyone can call as “home”, is pollution free and disease free, has a GDP as high as the US, has absolutely no poverty and pays importance to recycling. In one word, it is aiming to becoming a super country in the coming time.

Singapore was just a barren land when people started to occupy it and now, it barely has any barren land left! That is the beauty of civilization and growth that Singapore has seen. The people of Singapore are healthy, they are doing well for themselves and the most important – they are happy!

Welcome to the city that will put a permanent smile on your face!

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