10 Best Water Parks in Singapore: Let’s Have Some Fun!

Vacation in Singapore is made more interesting and exciting by the shopping malls, parks and environment-friendly places.  Tourists and locals trek to these places to relax, unwind and renew their senses especially during a cool weather.

For hotter days, parents take their children to enjoy and feel cooler in water parks around Singapore.  They do not necessarily need to go to swimming pools just to enjoy the water. They can also go to parks equipped with fun rides and slides with water splashing in and around the park.  So for a different kind of enjoyment, here are some of Singapore’s finest water parks.

1.     Jurong East Swimming Complex – a recreational complex in the Heartlands, which has a giant wave swimming pool for those who want to have a dip with music playing plus water sprays coming from the caverns.  There are three spiral water slides with different kinds of heights and sends the kids to squeals of fun.  A bubble jet Jacuzzi for those who want to relax and just want to take it slow while in the water.  Take the lazy river path and encounter cool waterfalls enough to relax your tired muscles.  This complex is perfect for the whole family especially with kids.

2.   Westgate Wonderland – a paradise-like playground for children aged two to twelve which they can enjoy for free.  This wonderland has large life-like wooden insects which they can use to play hide and seek.  Children can also enjoy climbing up the 10-meter tall carefully-crafted tree house.  The place is surrounded by watering cans spraying water to the delight of the kids.  What’s also amazing with this fantasy land is it becomes alive musically at night as the giant musical flowers light up with matching sound effects.  Even the floors light up to the tune of the music being played.  Both children and adults will surely enjoy the water and sounds on this playground.

Check out the wonderful animals at the zoo

Check out the wonderful animals at the zoo

3.   Jurong Bird Park (Birdz of Play) – a beautifully themed water park and playground with water cannons, colorful slides, tipping buckets or simply savors the water sprays to the kids’ delight.  A theme park for the whole family, it will bring the kids in adults as well with the fun they will experience with the water attractions.  There are also slides, swings and see-saws if you want to play on dry areas then go back to the wet area and have more fun.  Parents can also relax on the multi-purpose place or shop on some of the stores available.

4.   Sengkang Swimming Complex – children who are at least 1.2 meters in height can find a different kind of high in this swimming complex.  This newly-built recreational center has eight fabulous and colorful slides.  So expect different kinds of slides ranging from winding tubes to rollercoaster rides.  That is why small children are not allowed as these slides may be too overwhelming for them.  For the adults, they can relax at the giant Jacuzzi while their kids are having fun.

5.    Adventure Cove Water Park – a playground inside Resorts World Sentosa and is known to be the first to produce a hydro-magnetic water coaster in Asia.  It is truly a paradise for those seeking both fun and enjoyment in water.  Every member of the family will surely have a grand time frolicking with the rides and different thrills offered.  Adventure Cove is also considered more than just a pool with tubes and slides but also features an underwater exciting close experience with the marine life.  You can choose to try the other themed attractions like the tropical jungle, aquarium and grottoes found on the complex.  So aside from the wave pool, adventure river, 6 daring water slides, kids’ play pool and other attractions, you can dine and relax at The Bay Restaurant.

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

6.   Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay – a playground children will surely enjoy and at the same time learn as this adventure world caters to kids aged 1 to 12.  An interactive attraction with water play delights with educational features so no time for the children to get bored.  There is also an exciting fish fountain for the toddlers plus an area for bigger kids with hydro vault, water sprays which spins to splash more water and splash buckets that would surely bring lots of fun.  This fun playground is created to have an increased interaction for children with nature and for them to learn how wonderful to learn about it.  Kids will be surprised with the water-play tunnels and effects that constantly change to their delight and amusement.  To add more fun, there is a rainfall curtain that will bring refreshing moments to their playtime.

7.    Wild Wild Wet – this is Singapore’s biggest theme park with water attractions like a wave pool, water cannons, play stations and the famous Ular-Lah water rafting ride.  You can go down on your back or on your stomach to feel the twists and turn that lie ahead.  Life jackets are available for free and with bathrooms that are family friendly.  There are rides that cater to smaller children like the Yippee shallow splashing pool.  There are various water activities to help keep all the members of the family entertained like the Water Works, Slide Up and Torpedo.  Even parents with infants can enjoy in this water playground as they provide water carriers perfect for a safe play time.

8.   Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex – this fun swimming complex includes a wave pool, an interactive pool for the active kids, a water slide that will bring shrieks of happiness, a river rapid for the adventurous ones and a competition pool for the champions.  For the little kids, there is a toddler’s pool that will keep their little feet wet.  A whirlpool and a Jacuzzi are also available to keep tired bodies relax.  For a more unique family bonding, rent a float and enjoy a family ride at the lazy river.  For those who don’t want to indulge in the water activities, get some relaxation at the nearby beauty club for a massage or ear candling.

9.   IMM Water Play Park – a free and cleverly-designed interactive water play area located on the 3rd level of Garden Plaza, it is equipped with watermills, spraying flowers and a tall tree house for the bigger kids.  The place is safe even for small kids as the floor is covered with rubber for a more enjoyable time at the play area.  The water fountains can be hand-controlled for an amusing water fight.  Toddlers can busy themselves on the small bridges, slides and colorful tunnels.  Just be sure to put some sunscreen as there are no shades to keep the sun from your skin but still a very good and refreshing place to spend with your kids.

10.                      Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) – a big hit in Sentosa, its main attraction is the big pirate ship so expect lots of pirate inspired activities.  If you have children from 3 to 12 years old, bring them over to enjoy water slides, pistols and jets to complete the fun in the playground.  A paddle pool is also available for those who want to try their boating skills.  Try the Curiosity Island to explore and learn at the same time.  Go plant some seedlings and have a close encounter with small animals.  If you have a kid who will have their birthday, celebrate here at the Celebration Island.

Singapore Attractions for Honeymoon: Where to Go for Never-ending Romance!

Singapore is packed with natural beauty and thus it is a top favorite of honeymooners from all over the world.  There is so much to do and savour in this beautiful city that it is no wonder that the honeymooners often return to the exciting city on their anniversaries and re-live their honeymooning days.

Here are the top attractions of the city, which the honeymooners should not miss at all:

Changi Point Coastal Walk

Changi Point Coastal Walk

1.       Changi Point Coastal Walk:

If you are seeking a romantic location in Singapore, then Changi Point is a fantastic place to visit. It is a coastal walk which provides some spectacular views of the ocean. You will also see many boats and offshore kelongs. The amazing greenery, beautiful hilltop chalets and enchanting heritage trees are sure to impress. These make a great backdrop as you take in the divine sunset with your companion.  

2.       Mid-air date at Jewel Box:

The highpoint of your Singaporean Honeymoon should be a romantic date at the Jewel box. Mount Faber Park is one of the most beautiful areas blessed with natural beauty in Singapore where you can get fantastic views of the whole city. What’s more, you will also have a great view of the Harbor. A ride in the cable car will not only afford you some breath-taking views of the entire city but also allow you some one-on-one romantic time with your loved one. This is one of the most exciting ways to romance your spouse in mid-air with a great twist.

3.       Get to Know Each Other at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia:

In case you are after an exotic honeymoon location, then consider coming to The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia in Singapore. It is full of amazing views of Marina Bay and Singapore’s skyline. Not only that but you will also find a wide range of contemporary and modern art, which will take your breath away with its sheer creativity. Such art has been created by well-known artists including: Frank Stella, Andy Warhol and Dale Chihuly. 

The exciting river cruise by Clarke Quay!

The exciting river cruise by Clarke Quay!

4.       Cruise down the Singapore River:

A river-cruise and walk along Clarke Quay is such an experience, which you will not forget in a hurry. Here you will see many historic elements of Singapore city. You will be treated to a great view of The Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and a range of other popular landmarks. You will also have opportunity to take in a beautiful breezy evening along the river with your companion by enjoying the light show.

5.       A honeymoon selfie at Bukit Batok Town Park:

Your honeymoon is not over without taking a selfie at the picturesque Bukit Batok Town Park. This is a popular area specifically for wedding photographers and couples. Xiao Guilin is famous all over the world for its stunning scenery and landscape views.

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

6.       Gardens By The Bay:

The Gardens by the Bay is the sixth place to visit whilst honeymooning in Singapore. There are every day gardens, but there also breath-taking gardens, which will leave an indelible mark on your mind and heart. Gardens By the Bay is packed with numerous exotic and native plants, which co-exist happily with water-conserving Supertrees and the man-made mountain biome. The spectacular locales are sure to sire up romantic feelings and you can enjoy a splendid evening with your loved one at this wonderful place!

Singapore On A Budget: 10 Free Things To Do In This Expensive City!

Singapore is a picturesque garden city, which is an amalgamation of the modern city amenities with the old traditional cultural medley of Indians, Chinese and the Malay! Even though it is a major financial hub and also boasts of the tag of one of the most expensive cities in the world – yet the natural beauty of city is intact with almost 50% green-cover, four nature reserves and around 50 spectacular gardens.

Despite having the tag of one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are a lot of options, which will enthrall and spellbound the tourist for free!

1) Watch the Twittering Birds at Sungei Buloh: Haven for bird-watchers and nature lovers!
Sungei Buloh is a wetland reserve, situated in the northwestern part of Singapore. It is tucked out of sight and is one of the hidden gems of the city as well. During the weekdays, admission is free and you can check out some rare migratory birds as well, during the winters. Perfect spot for a day-picnic with the birds for company!

 Twitter away with the birds!

Twitter away with the birds!

2) Fly with the Wind at Marina Barrage: Watch the Kites Soar away!
Marina Barrage is surrounded by landscaped parks, which are a delight in their own right. It is the perfect spot to soak in the beauty of dusk and watch the sublime sunset and see the silhouettes of the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer and some fancy kites soaring away in the sky! It is the perfect spot to indulge in some family time and have a little kite-flying competition for some wholesome fun!

3) Have a delicious free vegetarian meal: Yes, its true!
No matter how expensive the city, you can always catch a delicious and scrumptious free meal. Buddhist Lodge, located at Kim Yam Road offers a wholesome buffet of around 6 to 8 dishes to all. Whether one is rich or poor, all are welcome with open arms and they can partake of the generous offerings with pleasure! The Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple also offers free meals all days of the week! Singapore is a city of contrasts and these free meals will certainly vouch for that. You can also soak in the Buddhist teachings of peace, calm and tranquility while devouring a delicious meal at both these places.

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

4) Gardens by the Bay: See the spectacular SuperTrees and the Skyway!
Gardens by the Bay are the latest haunt of the tourists all because of the ingenious SuperTrees, which are a delight to watch. The supertrees, harvest the rainwater to the delight of the surrounding flora and fauna and they also power themselves with the solar energy. The perfect time to visit Gardens by the Bay would be in the nighttime, when the supertrees light up! . Strolling around, take a minute to reflect on the beauty of the Marina Bay Sands, which lie just right across! All in all, a perfect place to spend an evening!

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

5) Re-live history at the Civic District: History buffs rejoice!
If you want to understand the colonial essence of Singapore, then just head to the downtown Civic District. Check out the architectural beauties of Raffles Hotel, City Hall, Arts House and the Asian Civilizations Museum and get lost in time! Most people just see the modern aspects of the city and gaze in wonder at the technological advancements of the recent times.
Hence it is all the more imperative to check out the historical places at Civic District, as it is in stark contrast to the bustling financial hub and the skyscrapers, which dot the city! A trip to the Civic District is all the more recommended to understand the social fabric, which makes the city what it actually is!

6) Labrador Park: Quaint, Charming and Quiet!
Labrador Park is the perfect spot for all those who want to escape from the hustle bustle of the financial metropolis. It is situated near Pasir Panjang and is one of the hidden gems of Singapore! The best spot to spend some ‘me-time’ would be at the rocky edge, where you can see the waves crashing against the mighty cliff. Since it isn’t a very ‘touristy-place’, so you can be assured of some calm and solitude here! Perfect place to see and reflect on life and see your problems fade away against the mighty expanse of the sea! In case you are a history buff then all the more reason to visit the Labrador Park – there is a fort, complete with war relics, which you can check out after paying a small admission fee.

7) Out of the world Panoramas: Some Stunning Views!
In Singapore, there are numerous skyscrapers and the best part about them is that you can catch some stunning views of the city! The rooftop of the Esplanade, the open-air sky garden of the National Library and the 24th floor of the apartments, located at 233 Bain Street will offer you some free but super panoramas of this picturesque city!

Stunning views of Singapore!

Stunning views of Singapore!

8) Esplanade: An Oasis for the Art and Culture Buffs
The Esplanade is the Mecca for all the art and culture enthusiasts of the city, as it always has some event or the other going on. You can catch live concerts, plays, art exhibitions etc. This is the place where all the happening art and culture events take place and they manage to raise the cultural quotient of the city by a few notches! And what’s more, the variety is astounding – one night it could be hardcore rock and the other night it could be Asian pop. It is an experience to savor live music by the riverside, under the stars! An experience, which shouldn’t be missed at any cost!

9) Merlion Park: Say hello to the mascot of Singapore!
Even though it is a very ‘touristy’ thing to do, yet a visit to Singapore is wholly incomplete without paying a visit to Merlion Statue. The famous statue of the Merlion, which has the head of a lion and the body of a fish, is the mascot of Singapore. After checking out the statue, don’t forget to see the true delight of the park – the mind-blowing panoramic views! True Singaporeans would say that the best time to visit the park, would be at night-time, when you can catch the silhouettes of the Marina bay Sands as well. And don’t forget to get some little Merlion statues as souvenirs of your wonderful trip to Singapore!

10) Plan a trek on the Southern Ridges: Flex those muscles and get set go!
The Southern Ridge is a spectacular walking trail that brings all the parks together, in its wake. The walk is full of some stunning architectural marvels like the Henderson Waves Bridge, treetop boardwalks and other scenic delights! You would be stopping often to just gaze in admiration at these structures and to take it all in!

Singapore is a city that offers something to everyone – whether one is a budget traveler or a nature lover! The city is packed with marvelous delights and the green cover will make you loathe to bid adieu to this cosmopolitan city!

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