Singapore Fines: Don’t get fined in this fine city!

Singapore is well-known for its beauteous scenes and picturesque locales. However, a lesser known fact is that Singapore also has some stringent laws, which are enforced without any scope for negotiation.
Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Here are some of the most Singapore’s weird laws for which you may be fined:

1) Photography is not allowed in the MRT:

If you are on the metro (MRT), you are not given permission to take photographs. So, forget about the selfies which you wanted to take and later, post on Facebook. In fact, you are not even allowed to drink some water.

Be sure to follow the rules in Singapore's MRT

Be sure to follow the rules in Singapore’s MRT

2) No Cuddling in Public:

Nobody is allowed to french-kiss in public. If you do, you may receive a harsh punishment. You are however, allowed to kiss and hug lightly. However, we recommend that you do your French kiss in private.

Penalty: < 1 year in jail

Don't get too cosy in Singapore

Don’t get too cosy in Singapore

3) Homosexuliaty is Forbidden

 While we are talking of affection, same sex relationships are strictly not allowed in Singapore. Whilst the law is not as enforced as others, it can still go against Singapore’s order of nature.

Penalty: <2 years in prison.

4) Flush or be Fined!

If you do not flush a public toilet once you have used it, you may be required to pay an expensive fine.

Penalty: $150

5. No Smoking in Public

Be aware that if you smoke in public places then you are breaking the law. The purpose of this law is to make sure Singapore’s environment is clean and healthy for the public. It is also designed to protect others from secondhand smoke.

Penalty: $152 –  760

6) Nudity is a No-No

Smoking is OK whilst you are at home. However, walking around naked in your home is not. Breaking this law may result in pornography charges. This may require you to pay huge fines. You may even end up in prison for this. Always make sure you close all blinds and curtains next time you are preparing to have a shower.

7) No Littering at all!

 Those who throw small items such as candy wrappers or cigarette butts for the first time could be asked to pay up to three hundred dollars. They may also be required to participate in public service.

Penalty: From $300 – public service

8) Bid Adieu to Chewing Gum

Singapore takes littering very seriously. So, if you bring gum into Singapore, you may end up in jail. You may also pay a five thousand and five hundred dollar fee.

Penalty: $5,500 – 1 year in jail.

9) Use Pedestrian Crossings

Did you know Jaywalking in Singapore is going against the law? Crossing the road within fifty meters of a crossing zone may result in a one thousand dollar fine. It could even get you in jail for approximately three months. If you have been seen doing this more than once, you will be required to pay up to two thousand dollars. Or find yourself in jail for approximately six months.

Penalty: $20 – 6 months in jail

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