The little red dot was, in March this year, named the world’s most expensive city based on the Economist Intelligence Unit. Despite rising costs of food, transport and lodging, there is still a smattering of activities that can be done on the cheap that makes Singapore a worthy place to visit even when compared to her cheaper Southeast Asian counterparts. Here is our list of top 5 things to do in Singapore for less than $20 a day for each traveler.


Try out exciting dishes!

Try out exciting dishes!

One of the country’s biggest draw is its incredibly diverse food scene. New York City aside, there are few cities that boast the ethnic and cultural selection present in the melting pot that is Singapore. For your next trip to this sunny city, skip the Michelin Star restaurants and hipster cafes that are all the rage here and opt instead to eat at a hawker centre for a quarter of the price. Eat as locals do for less than $6 a meal on average, inclusive of a can drink – or if you’re more adventurous, order a teh-bing, sour plum juice, or a yin-yang.

For under $20, spend an entire day on a true blue Singaporean hobby – food hunting. We recommend starting your day at Maxwell Food Centre, where some of its stalls open as soon as day breaks. It is also home to two famous local delicacy stalls, namely Tian Tian Chicken Rice and Jin Hua Sliced Fish Bee Hoon. Be prepared to spend at least two hours there, and half the time queuing. The market is constantly busy even during off-peak hours as Singaporeans really do make time to eat any time of the day.

There are several other hawker centres and markets worth visiting spread out across Singapore, specifically Boon Lay market, ABC market, Whompoa food centre, Chinatown Complex food centre, Old Airport Road food centre, Tiong Bahru market food centre, Chomp Chomp food centre, and the old tourist favorite, Newton Circus food centre. The last three on the list are best visited in the evening or during supper time, when the boisterous local atmosphere is best soaked in. Remember to take the readily accessible public transport wherever you go. By the end of the day you should be happily contented and dare we say, in a food coma, having sampled the best of Southeast Asian cuisines at reasonably low prices.


The Haw Par Villa is a traditional Chinese theme park located in central Singapore featuring the culture’s folklore and mythology. Once roaring with success, the theme park is now relatively quiet most days even though admission is free. Despite the decrease in local visitors, we would definitely recommend that you pay a trip to the historical attraction that houses a myriad of grotesque and peculiar sculptures and statues. Legend has it (or security guards, more like) that the statues are wax-covered human beings and come nightfall, they come alive to roam and haunt.

Rumors aside, Haw Par Villa is rich in historical value and bears testimony to a generous and consuming brotherly love between old millionaires Boon Haw and Boon Har. It was also first built for a didactic purpose – to impart traditional Chinese philosophy. If you’ve exhausted the usual Singapore tourist attractions, you should definitely visit this fairly unconventional and incredibly strange one – especially while it’s still open to the public and free of charge.


Get exciting bargains in Little India

Get exciting bargains in Little India

Another thing to do on the cheap would be to visit the many ethnic districts in this multiracial city, for example Little India and Chinatown. Feel the juxtaposition and cultural diversity jumping from one district to the other all in a waking day.

There is always something to do in each area. Little India is home to Mustafa Centre, a giant three-block shopping mall that is open twenty-four hours a day and sells almost everything you can think of, from fresh produce to electronics and even jewelry. The many eateries, many of which sell prata (a traditional Indian pancake-bread), are honest and serve delectable food and curries. When unsure, look for the eateries with the most number of Indian customers. You can also get some henna, a non-permanent tattoo-esque body art, or have your eyebrows threaded in the many small shops along the streets.

At Chinatown, walk among the throngs at a Chinese market where you can purchase herbs, bracelets, and a calligraphic print of your native name translated to Mandarin. If you’re more adventurous, visit a fortune-teller! Items at Chinatown tend to be pricier, but you should nonetheless enjoy the leisurely stroll along the pleasant and interesting heritage streets even if you do not pick up a souvenir or two.

Chinatown: The Mecca of Shoppers

Chinatown: The Mecca of Shoppers


Some 70% of all Singaporeans live in HDB flats in Singapore. For the uninitiated, these are densely populated high-rise blocks built all around the city, but most concentrated in certain areas called HDB hubs. If you would like, take the time to visit some of these lesser known areas that are never featured in a typical tourist itinerary, for example Toa Payoh, Jurong West, or Redhill. There you will find small businesses such as hair salons and mama shops under residential blocks, and you can observe daily routines such as groups of elderly practicing Tai Ji, a relaxed form of traditional chinese martial arts. Food and clothing are typically much cheaper there as well.

There are some more historically significant neighborhoods that you might also want to visit, for example Tiong Bahru that is now a prime area for real estate, where a small three-room HDB flat might fetch prices of SGD 1 million and upwards. Unlike typical high rise HDBs, the Tiong Bahru flats retain their old pre-war shophouse architecture, and is thus one of the most aesthetically appealing estates in Singapore. If you do drop by the area, remember to visit Singapore’s beloved homegrown bookstore, BooksActually.


Singaporeans are big on sales, and by extensions, queues. Generally, in Singapore at least, a queue would mean a very good deal. Locals queue up for free newspapers at selected train stations at 7am on weekdays, crazed teenagers queue in the blistering sun for famous ice cream (read: Llao Llao and Honey Creme, most recently), and fashionistas camp in queues for warehouse sales on clothes at a heavily discounted price. For good fun and in the name of curiosity, join the queue if you see one – especially when it’s for food.

Walk the Talk: Discover Singapore through a walking tour!

Singapore is a nature’s wonderland with its lush green tropical forests and rich colorful flowers all around. The perfect way to take that all in is through a walking tour. There are plenty of walking tours available in Singapore and you need to get on one and have the ultimate one-of-a-kind experience. Walk the talk and experience Singapore, like you can never do while in a cab or sitting at a restaurant. This thing takes the excitement level of sightseeing to a whole new level.

There is no better way to enjoy the magical city of Singapore than a great walking tour with your friends and family, or even alone for that matter. Everyone loves some rejuvenating alone time together, don’t they?

Enjoy the wonderful city on foot

Enjoy the wonderful city on foot

Advantages of Walking Tours:

Modern day Singapore has so much to offer to the tourists and even to the locals that one walking tour just isn’t enough. And what are the relative advantages of a walking tour over the traditional sight-seeing methods?

  • You are on foot all the time and it is so much fun; you do not even feel tired
  • By taking these amazing walking tours, you literally go back in time and see the pretty colonial past of Singapore
  • Learn some amazing facts about the British rule
  • Get to know about the mix cultural values of this city
  • Gorge on yummy and savory food all the time
  • Escape the crazy hustle bustle of everyday life and step into calming silence for once and enjoy life
  • These tours are not simply tours, they will rejuvenate you like nothing before
  • Planning a trip for Singapore might be prove to be a little heavy on your pockets, but these walking trips through some of the best walking trails in Singapore are offered for free too at some places. So you must definitely add them in your itinerary!
  • Most importantly, you will have a great time

You will get to spend so much time in the arms of nature that you will literally breathe fresh oxygen after a long time. The constant chirping of birds, the sheets of greenery in front of you, the ample time you have for just walking and feeling healthy; all this will do a magic on you like you have never felt before.

Do not forget to take that fancy camera of yours to capture this beautiful journey on a first hand basis and if you like to draw, you will find your muse everywhere. Just like an artist, draw the beautiful city of Singapore with every small detail and fragment. These well-planned walks will make you uncover some of the many precious and hidden treasures of Singapore and the best thing is that you can choose a secret spot for yourself and visit it later on when you feel like being all by yourself with nature and your thoughts!

You can choose your pick from an endless list of walking tours that many tour companies offer in Singapore. Some of them are described below:

  • Marina Bay Walking Tour – Spend an evening strolling around the beautiful and picturesque Singapore. This place is full of energy and colors and it will make you feel really pumped up. You can also visit some museums that fall around the Marina Bay. The walk here is self-guided and you must go at night time only to enjoy the light art that this place puts up every night. You must visit the Sky Park at the end of your walking tour at Marina Bay.Singapore Merlion
  • China Town – The cultural essence of Singapore is best displayed at China Town. The place is made up of colorful buildings and you can enjoy a great meal every now and then here. You can explore the Red Light area also, if you want to. You must visit GeyLand while on a walking tour at China Town.
  • Raffles Place – This is the central financial district of Singapore and houses many important buildings. The architecture is literally from the future and you be baffled by how clean and uptight this place looks to be. Do walk up till the Merlion Park on your walking tour at the Raffled Place.
  • The Heritage Trails – If you are a history lover, then you must take the Heritage walking tour and learn about the historical importance of Singapore. The artifacts, the stories, the museums, all of these things are covered in the Heritage Trail.
  • Singapore River Heritage Trail – Go on a river heritage trail and enjoy the coolness of the river shore along with learning about the history of Singapore. Visit some of the most important monuments in Singapore and do not forget to click many pictures!
  • The Bras Basah and Bugis Walking Trail – As unconventional as the name might sound this walking tour will take your straight inside the heart of Singapore. This is one of those tours, which are pretty unconventional and special. The area is always alive with youthful energy and a little electricity in the air.

These tours along with many other walking tours can be taken up while on a vacation to the busiest city in the whole world.

Jump on the road less traveled and take these walking tours. You will never regret your choice but you will regret it if you will not take a walking tour around this beautiful city of lights. In case you are not a person who likes to be ordered around to visit here and there, go on a self-guided trip where no one will boss you around and enjoy the freedom of your feet!

The climate of Singapore might be hot and humid, sometime erratic even, but that should not stop you from taking a walk instead of a cab to some of the most beautiful destinations here. Singapore is one of the most pedestrian friendly places in the whole world and one should definitely take advantage of that and go on a walking spree at will. Just remember to take your umbrella with you, as the Singapore rains are pretty unpredictable! The sidewalks are well maintained and no driver messes up here when a pedestrian is crossing the road. There are ample and necessary signposts all along the roads and you can get maps also easily at the street corners to help you around the city easily. You really do not have to worry about getting lost while on a walking tour!

Best Time to Indulge in a Walking Tour:

If you are planning on taking one of the walking tours around the city, you should plan either in the early morning or late in the evening as the weather at these times is cooler and the breeze feels good on your face.

So do not miss these walking tours for the world, as you will surely cry over it if you do. Walking is always healthy for the heart and if you combine it with sightseeing some of the prettiest places in one of the prettiest places on earth, you might just give up taking your car out totally!

So choose a walking trail tour and gear up in your best walking shoes, the pretty and refreshing walking tours are waiting for you and your extra large smile!

Become a local Singaporean for a day: See how the locals live!

It is always fun to get the glimpse of a city like the locals. Being a tourist and hopping on a tourist bus and running by the tourist guide are not always fun at all. Why follow rules on a vacation when you can cut all the ropes and behave like a local citizen of that place and explore the city on your own terms?

And where else to begin such an adventure than the mesmerising Singapore! Becoming a local Singaporean for a day and exploring the city on your own terms will give you a happy high as never before. You can go wherever you want to, eat whatever you want to, and interact with anyone you want to.

The official language of Singapore is Mandarin Chinese, which even the local Singaporeans get to learn after a lot of difficulties! It is one of the most difficult languages there is in the whole world so do not feel bummed if you cannot speak in Mandarin Chinese fluently!

Leave the local dialect aside; you can do almost everything that the local people of Singapore do.

First and foremost, you need to find a local Singaporean who can show you around the day-to-day lives of the people of Singapore. If you cannot find a local “friend” in Singapore, try to crash at a local’s house by opting from the options at Craigslist and similar couch hopping websites. What’s best than to actually live with a Singaporean family and getting to know their lifestyle and culture as a first-hand experience! And coming back to the topic of the local dialect of Singapore, this family can be your key towards learning a whole new language! Well, at least you can give it a fair shot!

Also, stop dressing up like you are from a foreign land. You must not look like a tourist if you want to live like a local Singaporean! Put away those shiny shoes and jazzy pants, dress like a local person if you want to actually feel like you are doing this the right way. Dress up in a manner that you seep into the city like a chameleon!

Now that you have a place to live, find a place to eat! Eat like a local Singaporean at the local eateries and gorge on some amazing food. You will get to eat some of the most authentic and delicious Singaporean dishes at these places. Try and increase your observation power at these places and learn how the local Singaporeans order their food; their dialect and mannerism and try to copy that, to get the feels! This is also applicable while shopping at the local markets. We all know that Singapore is a mecca for all street-shopping lovers and if you manage to shop like a local Singaporean, you will be very happy and content with your purchases by the end of your day. Observe the local people shopping and pick their way of bargaining with the shopkeeper and do that yourself too. You will be surprised at yourself for being so good at behaving like a local person of a strange city!

Let us come back to the language thing once again! Another way in which you can master the fluency in Mandarin Chinese is by offering the local people of Singapore with a “language exchange”.  You can ask them to teach you their language while you can teach them your language! It will be super fun and also, you will make a lot of good friends by the end of the day and all in all have a great time joking around the city, interacting with the local Singaporeans and learning their local language, their idioms and sayings, and even some cool verbal slang if they are willing to teach you!

One thing that you must refrain on a day like this is keeping yourself from hitting a place or a club or a restaurant of your nationality. It will create utter clashing in your life at that moment and you do not want that at any cost. Do not go to Little India or that corner American beer pub. You will not be able to live up to you “local Singaporean” day, if you try to mix up cultures.

Singapore is known as Asia’s favorite playground; take advantage of this and go on a beach or a popular hangout zone and interact with the families there. Fish spas and underwater world are other options that you can try. You can turn your hobby into a great adventure by doing it along with a local Singaporean and having a lot of fun too.

Another thing that Singapore is famous for is the walking tours and the biking tours. Dedicated groups allow you to travel with them all around Singapore on foot or on a bike and take in the beauty of this beautiful city in slow motion. You can register for one such group with the destination of your choice and have a great chance at hanging out with some cool Singaporeans and interacting with them on the way. They will be able to guide you better than your tour guide and tell you about the places on your bike/walk tour, which no book can ever tell you. Also, throw away that Singapore Guide that you bought before going to Singapore. It will only confuse you and not let you enjoy the freedom of the city.

Oh, we forgot to mention about your traveling! While trying to live like a local Singaporean, you should always try to take the local bus that is surprisingly comfortable and very cheap to get from one place to another. You can easily strike up a conversation with local people on board and ask them for suggestions about which place you should go to eat or where you should spend the next day. Local Singaporeans are happy and hospitable people and they will happy to help you with your “local” experience in their lovely city.

The most important thing that you must follow on a day like this is not to step over the line when it comes to following the cultural ethics of Singapore. The city might be very modern and advanced, but it has certain ethics and you will not be liked if you do not adhere to them. For example, do not eat or drink while on a local transport. Singapore is one the safest places in the world, for both men and women; so do not worry about getting lost or getting hurt while you are on your own in this city. Nothing except for happiness will happen to you!

Spend your “I am a local Singaporean” day in such a manner that the tourists ask you for directions and advice! You will be surprised at how deeply satisfying and exuberayting experience it will be for you to spend a day in the dazzling city of Singapore as one of its own.

Singapore’s Top 10 Halal Dessert You Must Give A Try!

Singapore is full of surprises and one of its lesser-known secrets are the halal desserts. It is the place to visit for all dessert-junkies out there. So, now visiting to Singapore will never be the same if you are a person who likes to cafe hop around, as it is definitely something not to be missed.

This article will list out the top 10 Halal Dessert in Singapore islandwide:

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

  1. Fluff BakeryThis is by far the most popular place to get some delicious cupcakes. Owned by a young Muslim baker, it is located at Jalan Pisang (Arab Street area) in November 2013. This bakery is famous for their fluff and moist cupcakes. Each and every cupcake that they bake has a surprise, creamy core filling! Interesting, ain’t it? This bakery sells 6 different bespoke cupcakes including their 2 very-owned specialty cupcakes (Nutella Red Velvet and Salted Caramel) every week! They do sell exquisite slice of cakes as well! To avoid disappointment, be sure to scroll their Instagram often– they will update their menu timely as well as the cupcakes availability. Address: 12 Jalan Pisang Singapore 199079 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 1200hrs until sold out! (Closed on Sunday & Monday) Price Range: $
  1. Butter StudioDefinitely a halal-certified, this bakery offers you different kinds of delicacies. From a variety of cupcakes, the crunchy macarons and to their best selling Sea Salt Nutella tart. Surely you will be spoiled for choices! Their Jalan Besar outlet only offers appetizing main courses such as Turkey Egg Benny and Pancakes! Be sure to check their Instagram or Facebook for more daily updates. They have expanded 2 other outlets last year– a pop-up store at Takashimaya B2 Food Hall and their newly open store at the OneKM Mall. Address: 147 Jalan Besar Singapore 208865 Opening Hours: Daily from 1000hrs to 2200hrs || Takashimaya B2 Food Hall #B208-4A (opposite St. Leaven Bakery) || OneKM Mall #B1-K13 Price Range: $$
  1. Cake Love Dessert BarThis cafe is merely steps away from Fluff Bakery! It is definitely an ideal spot for you to catch up with your ex-classmates or even a date with your loved one as well. They have cosy interiors for you to sit back and relax. The unique selling point of this cafe is that they sell yummy-licious Belgium waffle topped with ice cream flavors. Apart from that they also sell various types of beverages like Italian Sodas and Shakes. Apart from desserts, they sell scrumptious main courses & artistic handcrafted coffee too!  Address: 4 Jalan Pisang Singapore 199071 Opening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 1200hrs to 2100hrs, Friday and Saturday from 1200hrs to 2300hrs Closed on Mondays Price Range: $$

    Enjoy the local delicacies!

    Enjoy the local delicacies!

  1. The Piping Bag: Set up in the middle of 2014 by a passionate head chef from SHATEC (a culinary institution based in West, Singapore), this pop-up pastry store offers a wide range of vivid macarons filled with different flavors; from cream cheese to salted caramel. Not to forget their signature cupcakes and cake pop as well! They serve hot and cold beverages too. If you intend to make a bigger purchase of their desserts, be sure to look forward to their pop-up boxes. You can take a group photo with their quirky, pop-up art photo props too. Isn’t that cool? Address: *SCAPE 2 Orchard Link, #02-34, Singapore 237978 Opening Hours: Daily 1000hrs to 2200hrs Price Range: $
  1. Sweet Tooth AddictionIf you’re at Geylang Serai or Joo Chiat Road area, don’t miss out the wares of this exciting dessert shop. It is just a 10-minutes walk from Joo Chiat Complex. Once you are there, you can expect churros with flavored dips of your choice, their hot selling Nutella cheesecakes, and variety of flavored dessert jars. Along the way, you can grab their savory pastas, wraps, sandwiches and even pizzas! They do provide a delivery service available islandwide (except Tuas) with a charge of $5-$10, depending on the location. Give them a call for further enquiries. Address: 216 Joo Chiat Road #01-08 Singapore 427483 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 1200hrs to 0000/0200hrs (Closed on Mondays) Price Range: $$

    Toast and Butter, Nothing Better!

    Toast and Butter, Nothing Better!

  1. Penny University: Located at the heart of East Coast Road, lies a coffee house which was established since 2012 and it is owned by a Muslim. Not only do they serve coffees and teas, but they serve delectable main courses as well as mouthful desserts. Expect their all-day breakfast like their best selling Egg Benedict and their freshly brewed coffee. Address: 402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 0830hrs to 1800hrs, Friday to Saturday 0830 to 0000hrs, Sunday 0830hrs to 1800hrs Price range: $$
  1. Spatula BakerySpatula Bakery was established in early 2013, and it is an ex-neighbor to Sweet Tooth Addiction. Spatula Bakery is famous for their cupcakes, dessert jars as well as cake pops. In the middle of 2014, they made a successful milestone by expanding their small shop into a bigger and wider cafe. Situated at Frankel Avenue, it’s convenient for you to take a direct bus (Bus 32) from Bedok Interchange. They still serve cupcakes, dessert jars, cake pops, macarons, alongwith a variety of cake slices (Rainbow Ramble Cake is their best-selling item on the menu), Belgian waffles and beverages (hot and cold). Invite your loved ones for a coffee, this cafe also set up a live acoustic performance by the local budding singers every week. Address: 87 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458215 Opening Hours: Daily 1000hrs to 2200hrs  Price range: $
  1. La Marelle Cafe: Located near the iconic Sultan Mosque, you will be invited with their whimsical, cutesy and vibrant interior as you make your way up to the cafe. You heard me right; their cafe is at 2nd level. This bustling cafe offers different types of delicious western meals with some refreshing hot and iced beverages of your choice. Not to forget their signature macarons and slice of cakes. Besides mouth-watering meals, a wide selection of stationery, cutlery and even cute tote bags can be found at the corner. These items can be purchased from the cafe too. Address: 25A Baghdad Street Opening Hours: Daily 1130hrs to 2230hrs Price Range: $$
  1. The Finest Tea Shop: Fancy getting some good brewed tea and a heavenly slice of gooey Brownies topped with ice cream after a exhausting day at Pulau Ubin? Hop over to The Finest Tea Shop. They are situated at the heart of Changi Village since 2014. They serve homemade Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak, Classic Breakfast and their signature sandwiches. Oh! Not to mention their colorful Rainbow slice cake, Nutella Cheese Tart and even Chocolate Speculoos cupcake. FYI, they are retailing boxes of teas and even Ovomaltine spreads for you to bring home. Be sure to check this cafe out if you’re around Changi Village!  Address: Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2060 Singapore 500004 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 1000hrs to 2200hrs Closed on Mondays Price Range: $
  1. Wheebake by MagikPlannerSituated at the gorgeous Pandan Gardens, Wheebake is totally a hidden gem for you to find, as it is a 15-minute walking distance between Pandan Reservoir and the cafe itself. They serve cupcakes like Horlicks, Ondeh Ondeh (which has its origin from a traditional Malay kueh and it is in a form of mini Green ball with a Gula Melaka filling which coated with a grated coconut), cheesecakes, cake slices, molten lava and their heavenly Belgian waffles. Besides the desserts, you will get to enjoy their cooling beverages especially their best selling Ice Nutella. They do provide delivery as well on a certain days. Check their Instagram account for more updates! This quaint cafe provides 2 sets of tables and chairs outside. So, if you wish to dine-in, give them a call for reservation. Address: 415 Pandan Gardens #01-114 Singapore 427483 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 1300hrs to 1900hrs, Fri to Saturday 1300hrs to 2100hrs, Sunday 1100hrs to 1800hrs (Closed on Mondays) Price Range: $

Singapore Shopping:  The Best Guide!

Singapore boasts to be the cleanest and most livable cities in the world with high quality and standard of life.  Most tourists visit the city to look for high-end electronics and there are a number of malls wherein shoppers can find signature clothes, accessories, timepieces, art, antiques and beauty products than other shopping city capitals in the world.

Here are some of the never-to-miss places to go when in Singapore.  Be sure to visit each one of them for your shopping pleasure.  You can find what you are looking for in one of these places so be ready to visit each one while you are in this side of the world.  Take your time to enjoy your vacation and shopping spree.

Get exciting bargains in Little India

Get exciting bargains in Little India

  1. Little India – a place wherein you’ll be amazed as if you were in a different world.  It is gleaming with streets famous for its antiques, art, music, textiles and of course, jewelry.  If you’re looking for Indian gold like bangles or ankle bracelets for an Indian wedding then you are in the right place.  The place is also swarming with stores with silverware and brassware for specific festivities.  This is also one place to find intricately woven saris in different colors, which can be used as bridal ornaments.  Little India is also famous for its homemade spicy Indian curry, which can be bought in take-out packets.  It also houses the 24-hour modern department store, which sells clothing, electronics and your favorite toiletries at reasonable prices like the Mustafa Center.
  1. Haji Lane – it was once a place with pre-war shop houses and signature boutiques, which abundantly opened and closed immediately but is still frequented by shopping enthusiasts.  This is also a place to find cool and fashionable women’s clothing and accessories, men’s wear and multiple home ware stores made by Singaporean designers like Kin.  It also features boutiques by new and up-and-coming fashion designers that have upgraded their styles.  Not to worry if you go hungry or just want to rest your tired feet since it also has cafes and bars.  Also a good place to look for carpet retailers is the Anil Brothers and for high-class fashion stores, visit The Blogshop.
  1. Tiong Bahru Plaza – if you are going for fashion boutiques then this is the place for you.  It houses Bossini, Giordano and Hang Ten stores for the casual clothing.  Beauty stores and pharmacy items can be bought at Guardian Pharmacy, The Body Shop and Watson’s.  For literature and book lovers out there and who wants to spend some time reading a good book, Books Actually is the place to go.  Also lined with cafes and bakeshop like the Tiong Bahru Bakery, you can get a good cup of coffee or tea if you want to relax before heading to another store or after reading.  A famous designer boutique is the Nana & Bird with a mix of European and local fashion designers.

    Have fun shopping in Singapore!

    Have fun shopping in Singapore!

  1. Orchard Road – the shopping boulevard, which stretches 2.2 kilometers of equally fashion and signature stores.  It was originally named after the nutmeg and pepper plantations lining the road in the early 1840s.  Since then, Orchard Road underwent a whopping SGD40 million renovation to unveil the widened walkways with better lighting.  Big malls like the famous Wheelock Place are situated in this strip wherein shoppers will be overwhelmed with more designer shops ranging from the latest women’s and men’s apparel.  For electronic buffs out there, this mall houses Apple and iPod resellers, Marks and Spencer and Nike Shop.  Go to the basement for feminine items and underwear like the Rosebullet brand.
  1. Far East Plaza – women will have a ball shopping for make-up, toiletries and top-of-the-line beauty products from leading and world-renowned brands.  Plus, this is the place to have some relaxation like massages and beauty treatments.  Have a flair for a new hairstyle or a new look?  Then get an extension or head on to the next store, which boasts of different hair colors.  Young women will enjoy the small shops selling branded dresses, t-shirts and accessories in Level One.  Opposite Far East Plaza, is the DFS Galleria Scottswalk for your duty-free shopping on internationally known brands like Burberry, Prada, Mont Blanc and Tiffany & Co.
  1. Suntec City Mall – Suntec City Mall is divided into four zones and is unique as it features a much-talked-about place called the Fountain of Wealth.  This fountain is in the Guinness Book of World Records entered as the largest in the world.  You might not want to miss getting your hands wet in the fountain and visit Singapore again to get instant wealth.  Who knows?  It might come true and with the wealth you’ll have, more shopping is in store for you.  So don’t miss the Entertainment Centre, the Galleria Tropics and the Fountain Terrace.  Specialty shops offer basic items, trendy clothing for women at Lowry’s Farm.
  1. Millenia Walk – people who are looking for signature timepieces flock this place.  It is linked to 5-star hotels like Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton and Pan Pacific.  Go to the Cortina Watch Escape or The Hour Glass for Red Army Watches and other trendy watches.  Plus this place offers fashion outlets like Déjà vu Vintage for dresses for your throwback parties and handmade jewels.  For flowing and brightly colored frocks, try Trixillini.  Stores like Aesop and Senteurs de Provence offers cosmetic, beauty and spa products for women who are vain enough not to have these in their bags.  For electronics and furniture, roam Harvey Norman store which is the electronics giant.
  1. Dempsey Road – this place used to be composed of army barracks, which have been turned into high-end and classy restaurants and cozy bars at night.  During daytime, it is turned into a peaceful street with more antiques, landscaping ornaments and authentic Kashmir carpets at affordable prices.  An array of art galleries line up the road specializing in Indonesian, Chinese or Indo-European work plus showcases local art can be found in Linda Gallery.  Also visit Woody Antique House for other Chinese and Burmese teakware.
  1. Tanglin Road – this road is closer to the town and another great place to hunt and find unique Asian antiques like Persian carpets to precious Japanese pearls.  If you’re into maps, books and postcards or photographs then go to the Antiques of the Orient.  Tanglin Mall is frequented by families with small children as they have shops with kid’s apparel and toys.  Plus it offers a basement food court wherein they serve Indian and Korean dishes catering to vegetarian and Indian food spices as well.  There is also a DIY Store for home improvement and sporting shops for the athletic types.  A CD Store offers an array of music compilations for the music lovers.
  1. Vivo City – an easy accessible from Harbourfront station, one can find Singapore’s largest entertainment, lifestyle and retail destination.  For gambling aficionados, Resorts World is situated in Sentosa Island for some relaxation and to try your luck.  If you’re looking for creative and colorful stationery, try the items from Smiggle, which is an Australian brand.  More branded and designer shops like Denizen, Sasa and Armani Exchange can be found in Vivo City.  This place is the shopaholics’ haven so better not miss this opportunity.

Singapore On A Budget: 10 Free Things To Do In This Expensive City!

Singapore is a picturesque garden city, which is an amalgamation of the modern city amenities with the old traditional cultural medley of Indians, Chinese and the Malay! Even though it is a major financial hub and also boasts of the tag of one of the most expensive cities in the world – yet the natural beauty of city is intact with almost 50% green-cover, four nature reserves and around 50 spectacular gardens.

Despite having the tag of one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are a lot of options, which will enthrall and spellbound the tourist for free!

1) Watch the Twittering Birds at Sungei Buloh: Haven for bird-watchers and nature lovers!
Sungei Buloh is a wetland reserve, situated in the northwestern part of Singapore. It is tucked out of sight and is one of the hidden gems of the city as well. During the weekdays, admission is free and you can check out some rare migratory birds as well, during the winters. Perfect spot for a day-picnic with the birds for company!

 Twitter away with the birds!

Twitter away with the birds!

2) Fly with the Wind at Marina Barrage: Watch the Kites Soar away!
Marina Barrage is surrounded by landscaped parks, which are a delight in their own right. It is the perfect spot to soak in the beauty of dusk and watch the sublime sunset and see the silhouettes of the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer and some fancy kites soaring away in the sky! It is the perfect spot to indulge in some family time and have a little kite-flying competition for some wholesome fun!

3) Have a delicious free vegetarian meal: Yes, its true!
No matter how expensive the city, you can always catch a delicious and scrumptious free meal. Buddhist Lodge, located at Kim Yam Road offers a wholesome buffet of around 6 to 8 dishes to all. Whether one is rich or poor, all are welcome with open arms and they can partake of the generous offerings with pleasure! The Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple also offers free meals all days of the week! Singapore is a city of contrasts and these free meals will certainly vouch for that. You can also soak in the Buddhist teachings of peace, calm and tranquility while devouring a delicious meal at both these places.

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

Wine and Dine and Have a great time!

4) Gardens by the Bay: See the spectacular SuperTrees and the Skyway!
Gardens by the Bay are the latest haunt of the tourists all because of the ingenious SuperTrees, which are a delight to watch. The supertrees, harvest the rainwater to the delight of the surrounding flora and fauna and they also power themselves with the solar energy. The perfect time to visit Gardens by the Bay would be in the nighttime, when the supertrees light up! . Strolling around, take a minute to reflect on the beauty of the Marina Bay Sands, which lie just right across! All in all, a perfect place to spend an evening!

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

5) Re-live history at the Civic District: History buffs rejoice!
If you want to understand the colonial essence of Singapore, then just head to the downtown Civic District. Check out the architectural beauties of Raffles Hotel, City Hall, Arts House and the Asian Civilizations Museum and get lost in time! Most people just see the modern aspects of the city and gaze in wonder at the technological advancements of the recent times.
Hence it is all the more imperative to check out the historical places at Civic District, as it is in stark contrast to the bustling financial hub and the skyscrapers, which dot the city! A trip to the Civic District is all the more recommended to understand the social fabric, which makes the city what it actually is!

6) Labrador Park: Quaint, Charming and Quiet!
Labrador Park is the perfect spot for all those who want to escape from the hustle bustle of the financial metropolis. It is situated near Pasir Panjang and is one of the hidden gems of Singapore! The best spot to spend some ‘me-time’ would be at the rocky edge, where you can see the waves crashing against the mighty cliff. Since it isn’t a very ‘touristy-place’, so you can be assured of some calm and solitude here! Perfect place to see and reflect on life and see your problems fade away against the mighty expanse of the sea! In case you are a history buff then all the more reason to visit the Labrador Park – there is a fort, complete with war relics, which you can check out after paying a small admission fee.

7) Out of the world Panoramas: Some Stunning Views!
In Singapore, there are numerous skyscrapers and the best part about them is that you can catch some stunning views of the city! The rooftop of the Esplanade, the open-air sky garden of the National Library and the 24th floor of the apartments, located at 233 Bain Street will offer you some free but super panoramas of this picturesque city!

Stunning views of Singapore!

Stunning views of Singapore!

8) Esplanade: An Oasis for the Art and Culture Buffs
The Esplanade is the Mecca for all the art and culture enthusiasts of the city, as it always has some event or the other going on. You can catch live concerts, plays, art exhibitions etc. This is the place where all the happening art and culture events take place and they manage to raise the cultural quotient of the city by a few notches! And what’s more, the variety is astounding – one night it could be hardcore rock and the other night it could be Asian pop. It is an experience to savor live music by the riverside, under the stars! An experience, which shouldn’t be missed at any cost!

9) Merlion Park: Say hello to the mascot of Singapore!
Even though it is a very ‘touristy’ thing to do, yet a visit to Singapore is wholly incomplete without paying a visit to Merlion Statue. The famous statue of the Merlion, which has the head of a lion and the body of a fish, is the mascot of Singapore. After checking out the statue, don’t forget to see the true delight of the park – the mind-blowing panoramic views! True Singaporeans would say that the best time to visit the park, would be at night-time, when you can catch the silhouettes of the Marina bay Sands as well. And don’t forget to get some little Merlion statues as souvenirs of your wonderful trip to Singapore!

10) Plan a trek on the Southern Ridges: Flex those muscles and get set go!
The Southern Ridge is a spectacular walking trail that brings all the parks together, in its wake. The walk is full of some stunning architectural marvels like the Henderson Waves Bridge, treetop boardwalks and other scenic delights! You would be stopping often to just gaze in admiration at these structures and to take it all in!

Singapore is a city that offers something to everyone – whether one is a budget traveler or a nature lover! The city is packed with marvelous delights and the green cover will make you loathe to bid adieu to this cosmopolitan city!

Singapore and Halal Food

There are two types of restaurants in Singapore that serve Halal food; the first type is the restaurants with a Halal certified kitchen. These restaurants will not serve Alcohol. The second type is the restaurants that serve food from catered from an outside halal certified kitchen. Such restaurant may serve alcohol.

Indulge in some delicious food

Indulge in some delicious food

Usually if a chain restaurant is Halal certified then all of its outlets will be serving Halal food, however there are exceptions where only certain outlets of a chain restaurant is serving Halal food. Example is Sakura Japanese.

All major fast food chains are Halal certified in Singapore Like Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, Swensons, Burger King, KFC, Long John Silver, Deli France, Coffee Beans etc.

Food is undoubtedly an important aspect in Singapore. They city is indeed a melting pot of flavors and foods reflecting our multicultural heritage. With a large Muslim population there is a huge variety of restaurants that offer Halal food one way or the other. Some of the places I like are listed below – Enjoy !!!!

1- Carousel International – Royal Plaza on Scotts, 25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220 Ph:6737 7966

This is one of the best Halal served buffet restaurant in Singapore. It’s often packed to the brim on weekends and during the evenings on Muslims fasting month. The 7 station buffet cuisine consists of succulent seafood spread with sushi, oysters & other delicacies, Few Chinese & Malay options and a good spread of yummy Mediterranean food. The deserts are amazing with a delightful chocolate fountain.

2- Gurame Indonesian – 11 Changi Coast Walk, 499740 Ph: 6542 2038

A spice rich menu will provide you the adventure of trying the Asian spices. In Indonesian cuisine it’s the quality of Sambal [A thick paste of red chili, shrimps & garlic] that determines how good was the food. This restaurant offers a variety of sambles to complement its signature dishes like the fried Gurame fish. It’s a small cozy restaurant facing the calm sea and let you experience the best of what Indonesian cuisine can offer.

Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

3- Fika Swedish – #01-02, Millenia Walk (Opp. Conrad Hotel), Singapore 039596 Ph: 6336 7234

This restaurants offer a wide range of scrumptious Swedish delights. Its basically a bristro which is popular for its deserts, however the meal options are also tasty and interesting.

4- Casa Bom Vento Peranakan – 477 Joo Chiat Road

Its arguably, one of the best Halal Peranakan restaurants in Singapore. The Peranakan showcase the cuisine of the early settlers from Chine in straits settlement like Singapore, Melaka & Penang. The ambiance adds an authentic touch to the atmosphere with marbled tables, old porcelain lampshades and cherry wood flooring. It has wide variety of dishes like Itek itium, Ayam buah keluak, Baby Sting Ray with black pepper corn and Nyonya chap chye.


5- Badoque Western – Italian – Mediterranean  – Simpang Bedok, 298 Bedok Lane, Singapore Ph: 64466928

Good food with good service; a magical combination. Its difficult to find a place there so book early. It’s good food in a good ambiance. Try their chicken and orange salad. The servings are big.

6- The Orange Lantern Vietnamese – 73 Killiney Road, Singapore Ph:6732 8032

Not many Vietnamese halal choices are available in Singapore, so try out this place to experience the true taste of Vietnamese cuisine. Their BBQ beef in Betel Nut leaves, Pho or Faa – Special Chicken/ Beef Noodle Soup, Spring rolls & Avocado shake is a must have.

7- Straits Kitchen Asian – 10 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228211 Ph: 6732 1234

A Singapore inspired restaurant with wide variety of local dishes in a contemporary market place setting. Try their Beef Rending, Oyster Omelette, Kung Pao chicken and Palak Paneer [Spinich & Indian Cheese]

Enjoy the local delicacies!

Enjoy the local delicacies!

8- Thai To Go Thai – 369 Sembawang Road #01-05 Sembawang Cottage Ph: 6758 2110

Have your spice fix here. The restaurant serves an extensive menu of affordable and authentic Thai Food. The best is always the Pineapple Rice, Tom Yum Goog & the Green Curry.

9- Yureka Teppenyaki Japanese – No 5 Thong Soon Ave (Springleaf Road) 787433 Ph: 6458 4678

Good Japanese food at an affordable price. You wont find any other Halal Japanese Teppenyaki restaurant in Singapore. Try the decent variety of Japanese dishes available.

10- Sofra Turkish – 100 Beach Road, #02-42/44, Shaw Tower Ph: 62911433

Head to this restaurant if you have craving for Turkish food favorites like the Shish Kebap, which is a skewer of grilled meat, and Izgara Kofte, which is a grilled flat meatball. But be warned, the portions are much smaller than what you might had in Turkey or what may appear in the menu. Order an appetizer to understand what I mean.

Some other Halal Restaurants – Please search the address by internet

  • Asian Market Café @ Fairmount Singapore – Asian Buffet
  • Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin – International Buffet
  • Tiffany Café & Restaurant @ Furama City Center Hotel – Intl. Buffet
  • Sakunthala Food Palace @ Race Course – North & South Indian, Indian-Chinese
  • Jacks Place @ Ang Mo Kio – Steak & Western
  • Sakura @ Compassvale Link – Thai Chinese
  • Sakae Sushi @ City Mall, Raffles Link – Need to confirm if it is Halal
  • Ramen Ten @ Far East Plaza
  • Bay View Tandoor @ Singapore Flyer
  • River Walk Tandori @ Landmark

Singapore – In the heart of Global World

World has turned into a global village. This globalization has made the people closer through efficient transportation system and telecommunication network. The boundaries of the countries no longer hinder the visitors and tourists. So, people do visit other countries either for their necessities or just for pleasure. Inviting tourists from all over the world can surely help a country to strengthen its economy.

The Amazing Skyline of Singapore

The Amazing Skyline of Singapore

For this reason, Southeast Asia has planned to develop strategies that would attract more tourists. Singapore; located in the Southeast Asia, is a country enriched with natural beauty. Travel agencies are seen to hold Singapore tours quite often. It is because the deals available for Singapore tours are quite reasonable and help to visit all the attractions in Singapore. The deals for the trip vary depending upon the tourist’s budget and plan.

You might have heard from many people that they marvel at the beauty of Singapore. It is really amazing to visit a place which was previously just a fishing village but now turned to a developed place. Constructions in Singapore include high rise buildings throughout the country.  If you intend to visit these buildings and other attractive places of the country then you would have to make sure that you get Singapore attraction tickets.

The beautiful lush green gardens are the source of attraction for the visitors. But before you go to visit these gardens, you might have to get Singapore attraction tickets or passes. Actually the Singapore attraction tickets and passes might be mandatory for the visitors to visit different places. Natural beauty of the country is protected and catered in a way which drags the people from all over the world. Roaming around the streets of this country you will be astonished by seeing the rate of activity over there. So plan your Singapore tours in great manner to make them memorable.

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

The beautifully constructed city of Singapore and its parks are undoubtedly the Singapore attraction tickets. It’s not enough; there is a lot more in Singapore which enhances its importance in the region. Singapore is famous for its tours on cruise. It’s known as the cruising hub. The cruise takes the travelers and offers an opportunity to enjoy the alluring view of Singapore’s skyline. These are the Singapore attractions tickets.  If someone is planning to have a good time then surely he/she cannot avoid going on Singapore tours.

The Singapore attraction tickets intimates the tourist to come and visit this beautiful small country and get cherished by its worth seeing places. The small country has not limited itself to the natural beauty only; instead it has grown well in the field of technology. If you plan to have Singapore tours then do not forget to go through the Singapore flyers. These flyers are at a height of 165 meters and allow you to have a view of the whole city while standing there. There are few things to keep in mind while travelling to Singapore. For further details you are open to go through unlimited online resources. For some particular information such as Singapore attraction tickets, passes, etc must be obtained from some travel agent.

My Singapore

Singapore is a melting cultural pot, which welcomes visitors from all nationalities with open arms. It has a lot to offer to the visitors in terms of a premium holiday experience, shopping and numerous attractions. Hence, we can safely ignore the people who say that there is nothing more than shopping and food in Singapore. Now we have three camps of visitors. The first timer camp, the couple who came like in 90’s and then the seasoned visitor who knows which hawker stall gives the best Balachang [Indonesian Chilli]

Get Lost in 21st Century Urban Luxuries

We will be starting with the first time visitor to Singapore. We know you are just trying to see the most in whatever time you have. If  you happened to have advice from a novice friend, telling you that you could see the whole Singapore in a day, then it’s time to send a message to that dude to get his facts right. Singapore has much more to often. So where should you start from. There are many Singapore Tours available, but you want do it yourself right. So my advice is to head towards the Marina. Best time to reach Marina is around 6 pm so you still have some sunlight left to absorb the serene colours of the bay and the wonderful environment around it. You can walk all around the marina using the amazing bridges and get to take great snaps of the city.


You cannot miss the Merlion statue, the symbol of Singapore, the mythical creature with the head of a Lion and body of a fish. Sitting on a crest of waves. Your tour to Singapore will surely be incomplete without a selfie with Merlion. The Mysterious creature with which Singapore has associated itself for many decades was thought up by the designer Fraser Brunner as the tourist emblem for the City State. The idea behind was to symbolize Strength and bravery by using a Lion’s Head and the fish body is a reference to Singapore’s past; when it used to be a small fishing village. The locals however are certain that Merlion is a real creature that lives in Singapore’s coastal waters and protect it from all harms and disasters.

[more coming tomorrow]

Sentosa Island

A visit to Singapore without a trip to Sentosa island seems incomplete. If you remember Sentosa from over 5 years ago, think again, it has changed totally. Today’s Sentosa has much more to often. Though it still attracts mainly families looking to spend some time together, it also has appeal to attract the honeymooners and youngsters with its pristine white sand beaches.

Universal Theme Park in Singapore

Universal Theme Park in Singapore

Universal Studios the famous theme park, Adventure Cove the water park and S.E.A South East Asia Aquarium are the new attractions.

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