Top 5 Free & Adventurous Things to do in Singapore!

Singapore is said to be a very expensive city but the assumption is not really true. That is because the picturesque city of Singapore is also full of some exciting activities, which the tourists and the locales can engage in, without spending a penny!


See the wild animals up, close and personal

See the wild animals up, close and personal

Here are some adventurous activities, which do not cost a dime but instead provide exhilaration and an adrenaline high like nothing!


1) Say Hello to the Dolphins at Sisters Islands Marine Park:


You will be amazed by the gorgeous blue waters of Sisters Island Marine Park, which makes it an excellent place for snorkelling. Tourists can snorkel in and see the colorful coral reefs and other amazing biodiversity, up, close and personal. And if you are lucky then you would also be able to see dolphins and also see their amazing antics for yourself. You can also get permit to camp and be one with nature at the Sisters Island Marine Park.


2) Hiking at Mount Faber:


Get acquainted with the picturesque flora and fauna of Mount Faber at this trek. As you start the trek, you can see the highlights of Singapore’s history with the murals, which line the trek. Further ahead, you will be mesmerized with the beautiful cityscape and the bird’s eye view. Yeah, it is a tiring trek but the scenic view from the top is worth all the effort, for sure.


FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates

FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates


3) Get the breathtaking view of Singapore from the 56th floor of ION Orchard


Yes, you can go to the 56th floor of the ION Orchard and see the breathtaking views of Singapore. It is also the ideal place to take your loved one for a date, which they are not going to forget in a long long time. What’s more, it is totally legit to go to the 56th floor to check out the amazing views! And since, ION Orchard is in the middle of the city, so if you are bored with the normal humdrum then just trot over to the 56th floor to get the view from higher up! Locals can also take a break from their mundane lives in the middle of the day and see the scenic views of Singapore to refresh and rejuvenate them.


4) See the other side of Singapore at Pulau Ubin’s #instawalk


MND wants to showcase the hidden gems and the alluring beauty of Singapore with their instawalks, which are conducted on a regular basis. It is completely free of cost and anyone can join. Pulau Ubin is an island, which is full of amazing and beautiful spots and this instawalk will showcase them in all their glory. What’s more, MND makes sure that the instawalk is as comfortable as ever as they also provide guides, some refreshments and transport for all the eager fans.


5) Head to the MacRitchie Treetop for the walk of your life!

A tourist kayaks over the MacRitchie Reservoir

A tourist kayaks over the MacRitchie Reservoir


Last but not the least, the MacRitchie Treetop walk is not for the faint-hearted. This is literally going for adventure on a whole new level! This suspension bridge will also shut up all the detractors who say that there is no greenery in Singapore. On the bridge you can look down and check out the flora and the fauna of the place. However, a note of caution is that this place ought to be out of bounds on stormy days for your own personal safety.

Singapore Fines: Don’t get fined in this fine city!

Singapore is well-known for its beauteous scenes and picturesque locales. However, a lesser known fact is that Singapore also has some stringent laws, which are enforced without any scope for negotiation.
Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Here are some of the most Singapore’s weird laws for which you may be fined:

1) Photography is not allowed in the MRT:

If you are on the metro (MRT), you are not given permission to take photographs. So, forget about the selfies which you wanted to take and later, post on Facebook. In fact, you are not even allowed to drink some water.

Be sure to follow the rules in Singapore's MRT

Be sure to follow the rules in Singapore’s MRT

2) No Cuddling in Public:

Nobody is allowed to french-kiss in public. If you do, you may receive a harsh punishment. You are however, allowed to kiss and hug lightly. However, we recommend that you do your French kiss in private.

Penalty: < 1 year in jail

Don't get too cosy in Singapore

Don’t get too cosy in Singapore

3) Homosexuliaty is Forbidden

 While we are talking of affection, same sex relationships are strictly not allowed in Singapore. Whilst the law is not as enforced as others, it can still go against Singapore’s order of nature.

Penalty: <2 years in prison.

4) Flush or be Fined!

If you do not flush a public toilet once you have used it, you may be required to pay an expensive fine.

Penalty: $150

5. No Smoking in Public

Be aware that if you smoke in public places then you are breaking the law. The purpose of this law is to make sure Singapore’s environment is clean and healthy for the public. It is also designed to protect others from secondhand smoke.

Penalty: $152 –  760

6) Nudity is a No-No

Smoking is OK whilst you are at home. However, walking around naked in your home is not. Breaking this law may result in pornography charges. This may require you to pay huge fines. You may even end up in prison for this. Always make sure you close all blinds and curtains next time you are preparing to have a shower.

7) No Littering at all!

 Those who throw small items such as candy wrappers or cigarette butts for the first time could be asked to pay up to three hundred dollars. They may also be required to participate in public service.

Penalty: From $300 – public service

8) Bid Adieu to Chewing Gum

Singapore takes littering very seriously. So, if you bring gum into Singapore, you may end up in jail. You may also pay a five thousand and five hundred dollar fee.

Penalty: $5,500 – 1 year in jail.

9) Use Pedestrian Crossings

Did you know Jaywalking in Singapore is going against the law? Crossing the road within fifty meters of a crossing zone may result in a one thousand dollar fine. It could even get you in jail for approximately three months. If you have been seen doing this more than once, you will be required to pay up to two thousand dollars. Or find yourself in jail for approximately six months.

Penalty: $20 – 6 months in jail

10 Interesting & Whacky Things to do in Singapore: From Botox to Shopping!

Singapore is a delight for not only all the shopping aficionados but also for all those who love good food. It is a popular spot for gourmets of all shapes and sizes, as it caters to a cosmopolitan crowd with its global cuisine, which is infused with its own secret twists and tricks.
Here are the 10 interesting and whacky things, which should not be missed in Singapore at any cost:
1) Get your art fix at Hotel Ritz-Carlton: 
Yes, you read it right! This hotel is known for its huge Frank Stella installation placed bang at the entrance, which will mesmerize you with its depth and detailing. The wings of the hotel building are also anchored in place by Dale Chihuly crystal glass sculptures. The hotel houses some magnificent pieces of contemporary art, which will leave you wanting for more!
Indulge in some delicious food

Indulge in some delicious food

2) Be one with nature at the Singapore Botanic Gardens:
Singapore is a treat for all the nature lovers and what better place to experience this, than to head to the beautiful and serene Singapore Botanic Gardens. You will get to see some amazing varieties of plants and some of them may not be available elsewhere. Do check out the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and the National Orchid Garden as well.
Botanic gardens

Botanic gardens

3) Wine & Dine at Tiong Bahru:
Have some exciting time at Tiong Bahru, which is Singapore’s hotspot for a night of fun and frolic. It has numerous restaurants, shops and bars, which will cater to all the shopping connoisseur and the foodies out there!
4) Fine-Dine at Quayside Isle:
Tired after shopping and sight-seeing incessantly? Then just head to Quayside Isle and take a well-deserved breather. Also, enjoy the delicious and the fantastic food at Sabio By the Sea and Blue Lotus.
Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

5) Observe the amazing sights of Singapore at Singapore Flyer:
Tourists get to view some amazing 360-degree views of the beautiful city through the Singapore Flyer. Get ready to be awed by the sheer beauty of Singapore with the most amazing panoramic views.
6) Become Young again!
Come for a vacation to Singapore and take back a younger self. Yes, Singapore is the home for some tummy-tucks and even Botox surgeries. Camden Medical Centre is the hot spot and surgeon Woffles Wu is well-known and respected for his expertise.
7) Shop, shop till you drop at Orchard Road:
Orchard Road has more than 20 malls and houses more than 5,000 brands for you to shop from. They have almost everything to cater for even a diehard shopaholic. Keep your credit card ready and shop away to some amazing retail therapy.
Have fun shopping in Singapore!

Have fun shopping in Singapore!

8) Offshore Islands, Here we come:
How about heading out to the sea to the Offshore Islands and taking a break from the maddening frenzy of the shopping malls. Do explore the picturesque and the pristine beaches of Saint John, Sister’s, Kusu and Lazarus Islands.
9) Marina Bay Sands SkyPark:
How about a bird’s eye-view of Singapore through the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark? It has a beautiful observation deck along with an infinity pool and you can gaze at the beauty of Singapore from high up in the sky! 
10) Get Geeky in Singapore!
This is not a well-known fact but Singapore is one of the top destinations when you want to buy electrical gadgets. And what’s more, you can get them all together at the Funan Digitalife Mall and Sim Lim Square. They also some good discounts and interesting deals for the discerning customers.

The Guide to finding the cheapest lunches in Singapore

Singapore is a heaven for foodies, if you like to eat; you will love the multi-cuisine that Singapore has to offer. While you can enjoy a fine dining meal at any of the many high-end restaurants in Singapore, why not give a try to some cheap eateries? It is fun and it is tastes even better! Do not believe us?

The city houses many top high end chefs as well as great cooks who work at restaurants that offer cheap dishes for people who like to eat more and pay less! You might see many television personalities and writers also at these places, as they are comfortable and unique. People like to know about them, and a first-hand experience is always best than to try out something on a hunch.

Indulge in some delicious food

Indulge in some delicious food

Caution – This article might make you really really hungry so do keep a packet of your favorite snacks with you before you start reading this!

From little cafes, to curry houses; from ancient hangout places to a hidden inexpensive restaurant housed in an expensive hotel; you will get to see it all in Singapore.

Try out these places, which offer you yummy meals at a reasonable cost:

  1. Annalakshmi – This is a paradise for those pure vegetarians out there. Yes, it is pretty difficult to get pure veg food in Singapore but be assured to find some here. Run by a charitable trust, it offers everything from street food to some delicate vegetable dishes. The people who work here are all volunteers and work on their will. You should leave some amount of money for their fund too. It will cost you only $2 to enjoy a full meal here. You will be really impressed how great this place is in spite of being a charitable place. Do get a reservation if you are planning to go on the weekend, as it is usually jam-packed.
  2. Azmi Chapatis – Run by some of the most experienced Muslim chefs, this café offers some of the world’s best-cooked chapatis. And they do not expertise in just that, you can pick and choose from around twenty delicious curries to go with the chapatis. The specialties in curries include their ultimate mutton masala curry and the delicious goat brain curry. The place is as cheap as $2 per meal!3.  328 Katong Laksa – The friendly coffee shop that is run by a former beauty pageant winner serves a unique nyonya cuisine, which is nothing but a mixture of Chinese and Malay cuisines. You can have a lavish lunch here at a cost of just $4 and feel extremely satisfied with the quality and quantity of food here. The place is famous for its laksa soups and you must have at least one bowl of it. Also try out their special dishes made from coconut milk, prawns and tofu noodles.Enjoy an excellent meal!
    4.  Andhra Curry – If you are visiting Singapore, you cannot miss the extravagant and colorful Little India. And in this Little India sits this quiet restaurant, Andhra Curry. Andhra Curry is a kaleidoscope of garish colors from the outside and a blend of spicy and tasty Indian dishes in the inside. You can order a main course at this restaurant for as low as $4. Their specialties are the Hydrabadi Biryani and the Mysore mutton. Do give them a try and get your taste buds in a frenzy!
    5.  Tiong-Bahru Food Court – A very old eating joint, Tiong Bahru Food Court will never fail to impress you with its great menu. Live your past here with some jazzy musicians playing by your side while you enjoy some noodles with fish gravy. Also, try out the five-spiced meat roll here for it is really something you will remember for a long time. $1.50 is all it takes to have some fun at this ancient hangout.

    Try out exciting dishes!

    Try out exciting dishes!

    6.  Chinatown Complex Food Court – If you like old-fashioned hawker stalls for food, then this is the place to be. The hawkers are lined all the way from the starting till the end and they serve some of the most delicious street foods in the whole of Singapore. Also, do not miss the food market, which serves some of the freshest food in Singapore. Let go of your hygiene alertness here and just take in the delicious aroma that will attract you multiple times from every corner in Chinatown. Try the unique kangkong, which is the specialty here. Do not miss to try them! You can treat yourself here for as less as $1.
    7.  YuKun Kaya – If you are looking for some really tasty and filling breakfast in the chirpy Singapore morning, go to Yu Kun Kaya and get your taste buds rolling. The Kaya menu is the specialty here and a must try. $2 is all it takes to enjoy a full voluptuous meal. The coffee here is just amazing and you might find it fascinating. This is a place to stop by if you want to cheat your diet and go on a crazy food trip. You will find many things here to satisfy your sweet tooth!

    Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

    Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

    8.  Yum Cha – Hidden in the shadows of a big budget hotel, it is located on the 1st floor of this hotel and will delight you with servings of egg prawns that are slightly seasoned with salt, pomfret which is steamed on the sly and chili crabs on the go. They never fail to impress their customers, so go there tension-free and with really high expectations. And oh, you have got to try their dim sums, for they are world famous for being the yummiest around the world. Enjoy all this at just $1! The other specialties here are prawn dumpling with spinach filling; really yummy red bean paste with banana. All we read here is yum, yum and yum!
    9.  Sabar Menanti – This is the colorful Muslim dominated area of Singapore but will serve you with dishes from every cuisine. Be it Moroccan or Indian, everything is served here with a little twist to satisfy your taste buds! You can have a full delicious lunch in just $5. This place is really cheap and has a lot of variety too. Just keep adding heaps of food on your plate and enjoy the food!So we saw that Singapore is not just about high-end restaurants and expensive hotels. One can enjoy a great and really tasty meal in minimal price too.

    Indulge your tastebuds

    Indulge your tastebuds

    Eating is really a well-practiced pastime in the lively city of Singapore. The locals, as well as the tourists love to eat here and why would they not; the city offers such great produce of some of the most memorable dishes to them.

    So the next time you visit Singapore, do try these places and many more if you know them. Pep up your food budget as you are going to visit many places to try great food, instead of just one high-end restaurant!
    Do not forget to make these places famous by tweeting about them or posting the pictures of some yummy dishes on Instagram!

    Happy eating! We meant, happy CHEAP eating!

10 Best Water Parks in Singapore: Let’s Have Some Fun!

Vacation in Singapore is made more interesting and exciting by the shopping malls, parks and environment-friendly places.  Tourists and locals trek to these places to relax, unwind and renew their senses especially during a cool weather.

For hotter days, parents take their children to enjoy and feel cooler in water parks around Singapore.  They do not necessarily need to go to swimming pools just to enjoy the water. They can also go to parks equipped with fun rides and slides with water splashing in and around the park.  So for a different kind of enjoyment, here are some of Singapore’s finest water parks.

1.     Jurong East Swimming Complex – a recreational complex in the Heartlands, which has a giant wave swimming pool for those who want to have a dip with music playing plus water sprays coming from the caverns.  There are three spiral water slides with different kinds of heights and sends the kids to squeals of fun.  A bubble jet Jacuzzi for those who want to relax and just want to take it slow while in the water.  Take the lazy river path and encounter cool waterfalls enough to relax your tired muscles.  This complex is perfect for the whole family especially with kids.

2.   Westgate Wonderland – a paradise-like playground for children aged two to twelve which they can enjoy for free.  This wonderland has large life-like wooden insects which they can use to play hide and seek.  Children can also enjoy climbing up the 10-meter tall carefully-crafted tree house.  The place is surrounded by watering cans spraying water to the delight of the kids.  What’s also amazing with this fantasy land is it becomes alive musically at night as the giant musical flowers light up with matching sound effects.  Even the floors light up to the tune of the music being played.  Both children and adults will surely enjoy the water and sounds on this playground.

Check out the wonderful animals at the zoo

Check out the wonderful animals at the zoo

3.   Jurong Bird Park (Birdz of Play) – a beautifully themed water park and playground with water cannons, colorful slides, tipping buckets or simply savors the water sprays to the kids’ delight.  A theme park for the whole family, it will bring the kids in adults as well with the fun they will experience with the water attractions.  There are also slides, swings and see-saws if you want to play on dry areas then go back to the wet area and have more fun.  Parents can also relax on the multi-purpose place or shop on some of the stores available.

4.   Sengkang Swimming Complex – children who are at least 1.2 meters in height can find a different kind of high in this swimming complex.  This newly-built recreational center has eight fabulous and colorful slides.  So expect different kinds of slides ranging from winding tubes to rollercoaster rides.  That is why small children are not allowed as these slides may be too overwhelming for them.  For the adults, they can relax at the giant Jacuzzi while their kids are having fun.

5.    Adventure Cove Water Park – a playground inside Resorts World Sentosa and is known to be the first to produce a hydro-magnetic water coaster in Asia.  It is truly a paradise for those seeking both fun and enjoyment in water.  Every member of the family will surely have a grand time frolicking with the rides and different thrills offered.  Adventure Cove is also considered more than just a pool with tubes and slides but also features an underwater exciting close experience with the marine life.  You can choose to try the other themed attractions like the tropical jungle, aquarium and grottoes found on the complex.  So aside from the wave pool, adventure river, 6 daring water slides, kids’ play pool and other attractions, you can dine and relax at The Bay Restaurant.

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

6.   Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay – a playground children will surely enjoy and at the same time learn as this adventure world caters to kids aged 1 to 12.  An interactive attraction with water play delights with educational features so no time for the children to get bored.  There is also an exciting fish fountain for the toddlers plus an area for bigger kids with hydro vault, water sprays which spins to splash more water and splash buckets that would surely bring lots of fun.  This fun playground is created to have an increased interaction for children with nature and for them to learn how wonderful to learn about it.  Kids will be surprised with the water-play tunnels and effects that constantly change to their delight and amusement.  To add more fun, there is a rainfall curtain that will bring refreshing moments to their playtime.

7.    Wild Wild Wet – this is Singapore’s biggest theme park with water attractions like a wave pool, water cannons, play stations and the famous Ular-Lah water rafting ride.  You can go down on your back or on your stomach to feel the twists and turn that lie ahead.  Life jackets are available for free and with bathrooms that are family friendly.  There are rides that cater to smaller children like the Yippee shallow splashing pool.  There are various water activities to help keep all the members of the family entertained like the Water Works, Slide Up and Torpedo.  Even parents with infants can enjoy in this water playground as they provide water carriers perfect for a safe play time.

8.   Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex – this fun swimming complex includes a wave pool, an interactive pool for the active kids, a water slide that will bring shrieks of happiness, a river rapid for the adventurous ones and a competition pool for the champions.  For the little kids, there is a toddler’s pool that will keep their little feet wet.  A whirlpool and a Jacuzzi are also available to keep tired bodies relax.  For a more unique family bonding, rent a float and enjoy a family ride at the lazy river.  For those who don’t want to indulge in the water activities, get some relaxation at the nearby beauty club for a massage or ear candling.

9.   IMM Water Play Park – a free and cleverly-designed interactive water play area located on the 3rd level of Garden Plaza, it is equipped with watermills, spraying flowers and a tall tree house for the bigger kids.  The place is safe even for small kids as the floor is covered with rubber for a more enjoyable time at the play area.  The water fountains can be hand-controlled for an amusing water fight.  Toddlers can busy themselves on the small bridges, slides and colorful tunnels.  Just be sure to put some sunscreen as there are no shades to keep the sun from your skin but still a very good and refreshing place to spend with your kids.

10.                      Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) – a big hit in Sentosa, its main attraction is the big pirate ship so expect lots of pirate inspired activities.  If you have children from 3 to 12 years old, bring them over to enjoy water slides, pistols and jets to complete the fun in the playground.  A paddle pool is also available for those who want to try their boating skills.  Try the Curiosity Island to explore and learn at the same time.  Go plant some seedlings and have a close encounter with small animals.  If you have a kid who will have their birthday, celebrate here at the Celebration Island.

Singapore Attractions for Honeymoon: Where to Go for Never-ending Romance!

Singapore is packed with natural beauty and thus it is a top favorite of honeymooners from all over the world.  There is so much to do and savour in this beautiful city that it is no wonder that the honeymooners often return to the exciting city on their anniversaries and re-live their honeymooning days.

Here are the top attractions of the city, which the honeymooners should not miss at all:

Changi Point Coastal Walk

Changi Point Coastal Walk

1.       Changi Point Coastal Walk:

If you are seeking a romantic location in Singapore, then Changi Point is a fantastic place to visit. It is a coastal walk which provides some spectacular views of the ocean. You will also see many boats and offshore kelongs. The amazing greenery, beautiful hilltop chalets and enchanting heritage trees are sure to impress. These make a great backdrop as you take in the divine sunset with your companion.  

2.       Mid-air date at Jewel Box:

The highpoint of your Singaporean Honeymoon should be a romantic date at the Jewel box. Mount Faber Park is one of the most beautiful areas blessed with natural beauty in Singapore where you can get fantastic views of the whole city. What’s more, you will also have a great view of the Harbor. A ride in the cable car will not only afford you some breath-taking views of the entire city but also allow you some one-on-one romantic time with your loved one. This is one of the most exciting ways to romance your spouse in mid-air with a great twist.

3.       Get to Know Each Other at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia:

In case you are after an exotic honeymoon location, then consider coming to The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia in Singapore. It is full of amazing views of Marina Bay and Singapore’s skyline. Not only that but you will also find a wide range of contemporary and modern art, which will take your breath away with its sheer creativity. Such art has been created by well-known artists including: Frank Stella, Andy Warhol and Dale Chihuly. 

The exciting river cruise by Clarke Quay!

The exciting river cruise by Clarke Quay!

4.       Cruise down the Singapore River:

A river-cruise and walk along Clarke Quay is such an experience, which you will not forget in a hurry. Here you will see many historic elements of Singapore city. You will be treated to a great view of The Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and a range of other popular landmarks. You will also have opportunity to take in a beautiful breezy evening along the river with your companion by enjoying the light show.

5.       A honeymoon selfie at Bukit Batok Town Park:

Your honeymoon is not over without taking a selfie at the picturesque Bukit Batok Town Park. This is a popular area specifically for wedding photographers and couples. Xiao Guilin is famous all over the world for its stunning scenery and landscape views.

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gorgeous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

6.       Gardens By The Bay:

The Gardens by the Bay is the sixth place to visit whilst honeymooning in Singapore. There are every day gardens, but there also breath-taking gardens, which will leave an indelible mark on your mind and heart. Gardens By the Bay is packed with numerous exotic and native plants, which co-exist happily with water-conserving Supertrees and the man-made mountain biome. The spectacular locales are sure to sire up romantic feelings and you can enjoy a splendid evening with your loved one at this wonderful place!

Singapore Food Festival 2016: Try These Awesome Dishes Before They Sell Out Fast!

Singapore’s annual Food Festival 2016 is due to kick off from the 15th of July. It will conclude with a bang on the 31st of July. The theme for 2016 is: “Taste the Future, Savor the Past”. This festival will include a huge combination of culinary delights. These will range from new-age fusion dishes, right through to old-school chow. We do not always require a new reason to eat dishes we have eaten throughout our whole life. However, a new look at how we can celebrate such familiar cravings will never grow old. 

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

The Singapore Food Festival was initially launched in 1994 and since then it has been a sellout. People throng the festival to try out the different and the interesting combinations that are on offer. Plus, every year there is a theme and this year’s theme is sure to appeal to all those who like a twist in their life and food.

Director of attractions, dining and retail, Singapore Tourism Board Ranita Sundra informed us: “At the Festival, you will discover a very large number of up to eighteen different gastronomic experiences. These give food lovers a fantastic opportunity to delve into a culinary journey.” This interesting food festival is for all those foodies who love their street food and are found tucking into a delicious dish at every nook and corner of Singapore!

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

We have chosen to have a brief look at some very different creations. These fantastic creations are sure to tempt your taste buds.

The One Farrer Food Street stall will provide many old favorite dishes. This stall is organized by One Farrer Hotel and Spare. It will be available on the 16th-17th of July and on the 30th-31st of July. Their aim is to bring back many roadside delights that come from the Farrer Park area of yore. The chilli pie and Hokkien prawn noodles are just some of the dishes this stall will provide.

We also recommend you keep an eye out for the Chatterbox food truck. This truck will have many new versions of their chicken rice such as hand-rolls and rice makis. You will see Chatterbox food truck driving around Timbre+. The festival will also include the heritage precinct on Car-Free Sunday and One Raffles Place.

Top Singaporean Street Foods to Eat Before You Die

 Singapore is a foodie’s paradise as there is no dearth of options to choose from. Right from gourmet food to the humble but super-delicious street food there is something for everything! If you enjoy hot pot cuisines, then Singapore is the place to come. There are countless cuisines to choose from.


Delicious Street Food in Singapore

And surprisingly, many are a combination of rich heritage food dishes. They have all be influenced by Indonesian, Indian, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. If you reside in Singapore, then you have probably seen many of these amazing dishes in major locations near your place of residence. They will also be found in many food courts in popular shopping centers and in ancient areas of the country too.

 Here are the top Singaporean street foods, which you must relish and savour before you die!

1.       Bak Kut Teh:

Bak Kut Teh’s invention is a strange mind blowing combination of ingenuity and creativity coupled with necessity. Bak Kut Teh was once a very poor beggar and he was always hungry as he had no food. In fact, he had to go as far as begging for food. He often found himself begging for food at a humble pork noodle store.

Even though the owner of the store was in poverty himself, he still wanted to assist this poor beggar. He found a way to do this by boiling some discarded pork bones. He also added some cheap spices to give some flavor to the soup like Star anise and pepper. This led to a soup, which resembled tea and henceforth it was known as pork bone tea. It has also been stated in another place that this was a tonic invention. The purpose of this was to ‘reinvigorate’ Chinese coolies. These Chinese coolies were working in the Clarke Quay area of Singapore at  the time. So, do try this new and interesting savoury tea, when you are in Singapore!

 2.       Wanton Mee

 Have you heard of Singapore Wanton Noodles? Well, we can tell you that this has likely been inspired  by the Hong Kong cuisine. However, throughout the years, the Singaporean culture has continually refined it and recreated their own versions. The version that has been created by Singapore is normally eaten without a gravy, unlike the original version. In the new version, the dish is also garnished with some delicious slices of pork and a slightly sweetish sauce. This dish is typically served with a small bowl of soup, which can be customised as per your spice levels.

A hawker prepares mouth-watering street food in Singapore

A hawker prepares mouth-watering street food in Singapore

3.       Fried Carrot cake

Fried Carrot cake is a Teochew dish and understandably, it is one of the most popular dishes in both Malaysia and Singapore. There are many variants of the dish. One such variant includes the interesting ‘black’ version, which has a sweet molasses sauce. Another popular version is the crispy version. The fried cake sits on atop a beaten egg, which creates an interesting textural crust with the chunks of the cake. The Singapore version of this dish also comes with one radish cake chopped up in cubes.

 4.       Dim sum

This dish originally comes from Shang Hai/Hong Kong and its latest version can be found in Singapore. However, Singaporean’s call it ‘Dian xin’ or Dim Sum.  It is more than one dish or rather it is a set of small dishes. Each of the small dishes is savored together in a group. This is what Chinese people often do as part of their dining custom. There are many popular delicious dim sum dishes. Some of these include the following: Chee Chong Fun, BBQ Pork Bun, Siew Mai and Xiao Long Bao. 

Do visit Singapore and gorge on these excellent and delicious delicacies, which are bound to make you drool for some more!

10 Best Parks in Singapore: Enjoy Nature, Get Fit and Have Some Amazing Fun!

Singapore is known for its picturesque places and clean surroundings and its inviting parks lure visitors to visit it every year.  Tourists now also consider Singapore as one of the shopping capitals in Asia with many electronics, clothing, accessories and art pieces to offer.

One of the best things Singapore has in store for its many visitors are the parks that boast of greenery, spacious lawns and with numerous picturesque water-bodies beside these parks.  These places offer a different view from the hustle and bustle of shopping streets and centers.

Relax and Be close to Nature!

Relax and Be close to Nature!

  1. Botanic Gardens – This park was hailed by Time Magazine as Asia’s Best Urban Jungle in Singapore.  While Michelin Green Guide is calling it as a three-star attraction which people can go to for a much-needed respite from shopping.  It is your getaway from tall buildings and busy streets of Singapore.  The Botanic Gardens’ has a rainforest called the National Orchid Garden and an Evolution Garden depicting the early formation of plants on earth.  It also features a mini theater stages showing the plants’ evolution within an expanse of green grass.

    Botanic gardens

    Botanic gardens

  2. Pasir Ris Park – Tourists and their family in tow should visit this enchanting park.  It has the largest outdoor children’s playground with multiple structures that kids can play on.  Aside from the slides and swings, it also has climbing walls, nets and the famous flying foxes.  It also has a garden maze, which offers fun and excitement for all.  Children and adults alike can have an exciting day in the park, which is shaded by the tall trees and located near the sea.  While parents relax and watch their children discover all the fun in the play area, they can also enjoy the breeze coming from the sea.
  3. Sembawang Park – Situated away from the city, north of Singapore which faces the Johor Straits, this park has an attractive and natural beach, picnic tables and barbecue pits perfect for picnics by the seaside with the whole family.  This is also a great place to swim, play and have fun activities in the water.  Fitness buffs can go jogging while fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a quiet time waiting for their baits to catch a fish.  What’s also amazing with this park is it also serves as a place where you can have a glimpse of the naval heritage of Singapore.  The old restored pathways will take you back in time during the occupation by the British.  Also visit the Admiralty House, Sembawang memorial and Sembawang shipyard as other naval historical places around the park.
  4. Esplanade Park – This is located near the business district wherein employees can have their lunch breaks and breathe some fresh air.  This is also a good place to relax and calm your nerves before heading back to your offices.  This park also has some historical structures that remind the people of how this park used to be.  The Dalhousie Obelisk commemorates the British India Governor-General Lord Dalhousie’s visit in 1850.  The Cenotaph, which is a famous monument in the park was built to remember the 124 British soldiers who died in World War 1 with an inscription “They died that we might live”.  There is also a classical Victorian style fountain at Esplanade Park.  This fountain commemorates the presence of the early Chinese merchants who contributed for the construction of the waterworks and another famous Singapore attraction MacRitchie Reservoir.
  5. Mount Faber Park – Get romantic with your loved one and take a stroll on this park with its panoramic and breathtaking skyline of the Sentosa.  Enjoy sweet and quiet walks on Faber Walk during sunset and witness the grandeur of Singapore’s city lights.  Also try out the different activities on Faber Peak like the cable car rides and the various dining experiences with the restaurants in the park.  For special occasions like wedding anniversaries, you can also book your events in the park and have a memorable experience even while you are on vacation.

    FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates

    FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates

  6. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park – Dog-lovers will surely enjoy the park’s vast 62-hectare space for park-goers and dog-owners alike.  Families can take a leisure day at the park and let their dogs play.  Many dog owners take their pets at the park and let them run, learn new tricks and meet other dogs in the area.  Another great reason to get fit, while walking or running with your dog.  The park has been renovated and pathways have been replaced with concrete and filled with trees and plants.  There is a three-kilometer refreshing river rich in wildflowers and lush greenery.  Other recreational activities are also held in the park, which can be participated by both adults and kids.  Nature lovers can also enjoy interesting and various types of flora and fauna.
  7. Hort Park – For those who have green thumbs, those who love gardening or just take care of plants, this is the perfect place for you to visit.  Learn more about this wonderful hobby in this park, which is very near to the Mount Faber Park.  Hort Park offers programs and events to promote education on gardening both as a lifestyle and hobby.  With the many recreational, research and educational activities lined up for the visitors to join, there will be lots of excitement and fun moments.  For those who have gardening problems, they also offer planting solutions and other ideas to improve your garden.  An awareness meet sponsored by industry members and partners is held monthly to stir interest in children to appreciate and learn gardening as a healthy hobby.
  8. East Coast Park – Regarded as one of Singapore’s treasured park which offers urban getaways for visitors, it is a 15-kilometer park lined with food cafes, hawker stalls and seafood restaurants.  Dine in the chalets found in the park and under the fresh breeze of the sea air.  Plus, there are recreational activities lined up for those looking for some action.  If you’re a sporty kind of person, you won’t be bored with activities like cycling, beach volleyball or cable skiing to name a few.  For skaters, there is Xtreme SkatePark to join in and show your talent.
  9. Bedok Reservoir Park – Surrounding the 88-hectare Bedok Reservoir, this park was converted into a sand quarry making it a perfect place for people who are into water sports activities.  There are a number of fun and adrenaline pumping activities lined up to make your day into an exciting one with the whole family.  Sporting recreational activities like wakeboarding, kayaking and dragon boating stir the interest of professional and amateur enthusiasts alike.  Runners can join the regular marathons at the park.  Those who just want to view the spectacular sceneries can sit and relax on the benches that line up the park.  There is also a floating deck near the Activity Mall area which visitors can have a wonderful view of the Bedok Reservoir.

10. Pearl’s Hill City Park – This park is built on top of Pearl’s Hill Terrace around a reservoir so this is a perfect place for meditation.  If you want some peace and quiet away from the city’s noise and fast-paced lifestyle, go to this side of town and experience tranquility.  After a day of shopping or activities done, relax in this park and be amazed on how this park lull your senses.  Go by the lotus pond and enjoy the calmness of the place.


Best Indoor Parks in Singapore: Family-Bonding Time!

Vacation with the whole family seems the perfect getaway from home and work.  This is the time to relax, see the attractions in the place, go shopping, unwind in a beach or park and let the kids play to their hearts’ content.

Bringing the children out may be a bit problem especially on hot days.  Parents need not worry when they are in Singapore as there are indoor parks or playgrounds designed for your kids’ enjoyment. You can also head to the various Museums to keep them entertained.

Here are some of the best indoor parks and where to find them.

Children have fun at the National Museum

Children have fun at the National Museum

1.     Playful Elves – when you’re in West Coast Plaza, Playful Elves is the best place to go to and let your kids have fun in this indoor playground.  It has a Magical Forest theme with driving tracks, bouncy castle and a spacious two-storey place so your kids can run around freely.  There is also an obstacle course for them to crawl and learn to finish.  Younger children enjoy the table toys and driving the mini cars while the older ones go over the obstacle run.  The play area is conceptualized well with the children’s safety in mind and to keep up with the kids’ various energy levels.  Parents or guardians can have a peace of mind leaving their kids in this place.

2.   Space Zone Play Gym – located in Anchorpoint, Alexandra so look out for indoor park this when you are in the area and you have small kids in tow.  Since this is a small area, your small kids will tremendously enjoy the space-like theme ball pit.  It also has a mini obstacle course complete with soft punching bags and a slide at the end.  So for you to maximize your day shopping, you can park your children at the Space Zone Play Gym and pick them up once you are done.  The kids would surely have a grand time shooting balls on the space holes plus, develop coordination of their hands and eyes.

3.   Hokey Pokey – another play area for children below 6 years old, this is a haven for them as it is filled with toys for both boys and girls.  Hokey Pokey is a big playing area similar to the size of almost two basketball courts, so imagine a big space that can fit many kids.  It is equipped with a big ball pit, a safe slide, an open floor area concept to clearly view the children while at play and a café within the area for parents to relax while waiting for their kids.  Toys are graded GB which is great for babies and toys are plenty from doll houses to cars.  They also have costumes, cooking stations for girls, trains, castle sets from leading toy makers Imaginarium and Fisher Price.  Neatly located in Millenia Walk, your kids will adore this place.

4.   Amazonia – a jungle-themed playground for children of all ages, this has the right and fun activities to keep them pumped up and raring to play.  Toddlers have a dedicated area so their space is just right for your little tykes.  While the older kids can enjoy interactive games like Glow-in-the Dark Spaceball equipped with safe air guns with foamy balls and try to shoot the targets above the opponents’ boards.  Another quality game is their 3D Glow Golf with 9-hole course so they can learn early how to play this wonderful sport.  This is right in the Central area and with entrance fees with no peak and of-peak prices for different ages.  Additional fee also applies for Space Balls and Golf games.

Twitter away with the birds!

Twitter away with the birds!

5.    Happy Willow – with SGD10 for three hours, your toddlers will be able to crawl, walk or run on their dedicated Toddler’s Turf so they won’t be mixing around bigger kids.  What’s great is that it is just beside the café so while parents are having coffee and reading magazines, they can see how their kids are doing.  Located in Fusionopolis Way, this play center has a flying mini fox, kitchen station for girls, slides, ball pits and a corner filled with books for those who love to read.

6.   The Polliwogs – a new indoor playground in Harbourfront Walk, Vivocity, it boasts of a play pen with a rock climbing area which will delight your young kids.  They will learn to control their hand and feet coordination plus learn a new sport as well.  Toddlers can enjoy the mini ball pit and get a kick out of the Merry-G0-Round.  There are also shooting galleries and slides with different shapes.  Dining is not a problem as there is a café nearby for the parents to go to while keeping an eye on their children.

A puppet at one of the numerous attractions in Singapore

A puppet at one of the numerous attractions in Singapore

7.    Kidz Amaze – an indoor playground with high ceiling for your older kids.  It has three themes that offer different kinds of fun, TreeTops, the Cave and the City.  There are tunnels across the play area and high structures so the kids can climb tree-like posts.  A ball-hopper puts more fun in playing ball plus ball shooters with foam balls for safety.  Kidz Amaze is well-lit and well-ventilated with some of the sun rays streaming inside the window.  Strategically located in Toa Payoh so you can never miss this indoor play area.

8.   Hip Kids Club – if you want to go shopping on Orchard Road specifically the Forum Shopping Mall and don’t want to bring the kids from store to store, you can leave them for a few hours at the Hips Kids Club.  The playground has a membership fee for a year so no need to worry on paying every time your kids want to go there.  It has balance beams, climbing frames, ball pit, a slide, lifesavers and mini trikes.  Not bad for keeping the children busy while you’re busy shopping.

9.   Royce Kids Gym – an indoor playground that is full of toys so children can be entertained well and they can change toys as fast as saying ABC.  There are cute and colorful sofas for toddlers to climb on and it looks so comfy.  There is a swings section to put your small kids into and let them enjoy the wind blowing on his face as he slowly rocks.  An interesting part of the playground is the kitchen area where both boys and girls can play chef.  Complete with oven, utensils, pots, pans, plates, forks, spoons and cups, kids will have a grand time hopping from one oven to another.  Toy houses also line up the large playground.  Your little ones can crawl from one toy house to another and still be amused.  You shouldn’t miss this especially when you are in the Liang Court.

10.                      The City – a different indoor play area wherein learning as well as doing fun activities will help keep your older kids entertained.  If your child is into superhero stuff then this is the perfect place for them.  Costumes and mock-ups are available for them to dress up and play the superhero they wanted to be.  There are suits for Superman, Thor, Spiderman plus costumes for doctors or shopping carts for expert shoppers.  This playground lets them be creative and imaginative with the different personalities they will role play.  An indoor playground in Liang Court, a must-be place for your little kids who want to be superheroes.

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