Top 5 Free & Adventurous Things to do in Singapore!

Singapore is said to be a very expensive city but the assumption is not really true. That is because the picturesque city of Singapore is also full of some exciting activities, which the tourists and the locales can engage in, without spending a penny!


See the wild animals up, close and personal

See the wild animals up, close and personal

Here are some adventurous activities, which do not cost a dime but instead provide exhilaration and an adrenaline high like nothing!


1) Say Hello to the Dolphins at Sisters Islands Marine Park:


You will be amazed by the gorgeous blue waters of Sisters Island Marine Park, which makes it an excellent place for snorkelling. Tourists can snorkel in and see the colorful coral reefs and other amazing biodiversity, up, close and personal. And if you are lucky then you would also be able to see dolphins and also see their amazing antics for yourself. You can also get permit to camp and be one with nature at the Sisters Island Marine Park.


2) Hiking at Mount Faber:


Get acquainted with the picturesque flora and fauna of Mount Faber at this trek. As you start the trek, you can see the highlights of Singapore’s history with the murals, which line the trek. Further ahead, you will be mesmerized with the beautiful cityscape and the bird’s eye view. Yeah, it is a tiring trek but the scenic view from the top is worth all the effort, for sure.


FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates

FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates


3) Get the breathtaking view of Singapore from the 56th floor of ION Orchard


Yes, you can go to the 56th floor of the ION Orchard and see the breathtaking views of Singapore. It is also the ideal place to take your loved one for a date, which they are not going to forget in a long long time. What’s more, it is totally legit to go to the 56th floor to check out the amazing views! And since, ION Orchard is in the middle of the city, so if you are bored with the normal humdrum then just trot over to the 56th floor to get the view from higher up! Locals can also take a break from their mundane lives in the middle of the day and see the scenic views of Singapore to refresh and rejuvenate them.


4) See the other side of Singapore at Pulau Ubin’s #instawalk


MND wants to showcase the hidden gems and the alluring beauty of Singapore with their instawalks, which are conducted on a regular basis. It is completely free of cost and anyone can join. Pulau Ubin is an island, which is full of amazing and beautiful spots and this instawalk will showcase them in all their glory. What’s more, MND makes sure that the instawalk is as comfortable as ever as they also provide guides, some refreshments and transport for all the eager fans.


5) Head to the MacRitchie Treetop for the walk of your life!

A tourist kayaks over the MacRitchie Reservoir

A tourist kayaks over the MacRitchie Reservoir


Last but not the least, the MacRitchie Treetop walk is not for the faint-hearted. This is literally going for adventure on a whole new level! This suspension bridge will also shut up all the detractors who say that there is no greenery in Singapore. On the bridge you can look down and check out the flora and the fauna of the place. However, a note of caution is that this place ought to be out of bounds on stormy days for your own personal safety.

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