The Guide to finding the cheapest lunches in Singapore

Singapore is a heaven for foodies, if you like to eat; you will love the multi-cuisine that Singapore has to offer. While you can enjoy a fine dining meal at any of the many high-end restaurants in Singapore, why not give a try to some cheap eateries? It is fun and it is tastes even better! Do not believe us?

The city houses many top high end chefs as well as great cooks who work at restaurants that offer cheap dishes for people who like to eat more and pay less! You might see many television personalities and writers also at these places, as they are comfortable and unique. People like to know about them, and a first-hand experience is always best than to try out something on a hunch.

Indulge in some delicious food

Indulge in some delicious food

Caution – This article might make you really really hungry so do keep a packet of your favorite snacks with you before you start reading this!

From little cafes, to curry houses; from ancient hangout places to a hidden inexpensive restaurant housed in an expensive hotel; you will get to see it all in Singapore.

Try out these places, which offer you yummy meals at a reasonable cost:

  1. Annalakshmi – This is a paradise for those pure vegetarians out there. Yes, it is pretty difficult to get pure veg food in Singapore but be assured to find some here. Run by a charitable trust, it offers everything from street food to some delicate vegetable dishes. The people who work here are all volunteers and work on their will. You should leave some amount of money for their fund too. It will cost you only $2 to enjoy a full meal here. You will be really impressed how great this place is in spite of being a charitable place. Do get a reservation if you are planning to go on the weekend, as it is usually jam-packed.
  2. Azmi Chapatis – Run by some of the most experienced Muslim chefs, this café offers some of the world’s best-cooked chapatis. And they do not expertise in just that, you can pick and choose from around twenty delicious curries to go with the chapatis. The specialties in curries include their ultimate mutton masala curry and the delicious goat brain curry. The place is as cheap as $2 per meal!3.  328 Katong Laksa – The friendly coffee shop that is run by a former beauty pageant winner serves a unique nyonya cuisine, which is nothing but a mixture of Chinese and Malay cuisines. You can have a lavish lunch here at a cost of just $4 and feel extremely satisfied with the quality and quantity of food here. The place is famous for its laksa soups and you must have at least one bowl of it. Also try out their special dishes made from coconut milk, prawns and tofu noodles.Enjoy an excellent meal!
    4.  Andhra Curry – If you are visiting Singapore, you cannot miss the extravagant and colorful Little India. And in this Little India sits this quiet restaurant, Andhra Curry. Andhra Curry is a kaleidoscope of garish colors from the outside and a blend of spicy and tasty Indian dishes in the inside. You can order a main course at this restaurant for as low as $4. Their specialties are the Hydrabadi Biryani and the Mysore mutton. Do give them a try and get your taste buds in a frenzy!
    5.  Tiong-Bahru Food Court – A very old eating joint, Tiong Bahru Food Court will never fail to impress you with its great menu. Live your past here with some jazzy musicians playing by your side while you enjoy some noodles with fish gravy. Also, try out the five-spiced meat roll here for it is really something you will remember for a long time. $1.50 is all it takes to have some fun at this ancient hangout.

    Try out exciting dishes!

    Try out exciting dishes!

    6.  Chinatown Complex Food Court – If you like old-fashioned hawker stalls for food, then this is the place to be. The hawkers are lined all the way from the starting till the end and they serve some of the most delicious street foods in the whole of Singapore. Also, do not miss the food market, which serves some of the freshest food in Singapore. Let go of your hygiene alertness here and just take in the delicious aroma that will attract you multiple times from every corner in Chinatown. Try the unique kangkong, which is the specialty here. Do not miss to try them! You can treat yourself here for as less as $1.
    7.  YuKun Kaya – If you are looking for some really tasty and filling breakfast in the chirpy Singapore morning, go to Yu Kun Kaya and get your taste buds rolling. The Kaya menu is the specialty here and a must try. $2 is all it takes to enjoy a full voluptuous meal. The coffee here is just amazing and you might find it fascinating. This is a place to stop by if you want to cheat your diet and go on a crazy food trip. You will find many things here to satisfy your sweet tooth!

    Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

    Mouth-watering food to tempt your tastebuds!

    8.  Yum Cha – Hidden in the shadows of a big budget hotel, it is located on the 1st floor of this hotel and will delight you with servings of egg prawns that are slightly seasoned with salt, pomfret which is steamed on the sly and chili crabs on the go. They never fail to impress their customers, so go there tension-free and with really high expectations. And oh, you have got to try their dim sums, for they are world famous for being the yummiest around the world. Enjoy all this at just $1! The other specialties here are prawn dumpling with spinach filling; really yummy red bean paste with banana. All we read here is yum, yum and yum!
    9.  Sabar Menanti – This is the colorful Muslim dominated area of Singapore but will serve you with dishes from every cuisine. Be it Moroccan or Indian, everything is served here with a little twist to satisfy your taste buds! You can have a full delicious lunch in just $5. This place is really cheap and has a lot of variety too. Just keep adding heaps of food on your plate and enjoy the food!So we saw that Singapore is not just about high-end restaurants and expensive hotels. One can enjoy a great and really tasty meal in minimal price too.

    Indulge your tastebuds

    Indulge your tastebuds

    Eating is really a well-practiced pastime in the lively city of Singapore. The locals, as well as the tourists love to eat here and why would they not; the city offers such great produce of some of the most memorable dishes to them.

    So the next time you visit Singapore, do try these places and many more if you know them. Pep up your food budget as you are going to visit many places to try great food, instead of just one high-end restaurant!
    Do not forget to make these places famous by tweeting about them or posting the pictures of some yummy dishes on Instagram!

    Happy eating! We meant, happy CHEAP eating!

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