Singapore Food Festival 2016: Try These Awesome Dishes Before They Sell Out Fast!

Singapore’s annual Food Festival 2016 is due to kick off from the 15th of July. It will conclude with a bang on the 31st of July. The theme for 2016 is: “Taste the Future, Savor the Past”. This festival will include a huge combination of culinary delights. These will range from new-age fusion dishes, right through to old-school chow. We do not always require a new reason to eat dishes we have eaten throughout our whole life. However, a new look at how we can celebrate such familiar cravings will never grow old. 

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

The Singapore Food Festival was initially launched in 1994 and since then it has been a sellout. People throng the festival to try out the different and the interesting combinations that are on offer. Plus, every year there is a theme and this year’s theme is sure to appeal to all those who like a twist in their life and food.

Director of attractions, dining and retail, Singapore Tourism Board Ranita Sundra informed us: “At the Festival, you will discover a very large number of up to eighteen different gastronomic experiences. These give food lovers a fantastic opportunity to delve into a culinary journey.” This interesting food festival is for all those foodies who love their street food and are found tucking into a delicious dish at every nook and corner of Singapore!

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

People indulge in some lipsmacking street food in Singapore

We have chosen to have a brief look at some very different creations. These fantastic creations are sure to tempt your taste buds.

The One Farrer Food Street stall will provide many old favorite dishes. This stall is organized by One Farrer Hotel and Spare. It will be available on the 16th-17th of July and on the 30th-31st of July. Their aim is to bring back many roadside delights that come from the Farrer Park area of yore. The chilli pie and Hokkien prawn noodles are just some of the dishes this stall will provide.

We also recommend you keep an eye out for the Chatterbox food truck. This truck will have many new versions of their chicken rice such as hand-rolls and rice makis. You will see Chatterbox food truck driving around Timbre+. The festival will also include the heritage precinct on Car-Free Sunday and One Raffles Place.

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