10 Best Parks in Singapore: Enjoy Nature, Get Fit and Have Some Amazing Fun!

Singapore is known for its picturesque places and clean surroundings and its inviting parks lure visitors to visit it every year.  Tourists now also consider Singapore as one of the shopping capitals in Asia with many electronics, clothing, accessories and art pieces to offer.

One of the best things Singapore has in store for its many visitors are the parks that boast of greenery, spacious lawns and with numerous picturesque water-bodies beside these parks.  These places offer a different view from the hustle and bustle of shopping streets and centers.

Relax and Be close to Nature!

Relax and Be close to Nature!

  1. Botanic Gardens – This park was hailed by Time Magazine as Asia’s Best Urban Jungle in Singapore.  While Michelin Green Guide is calling it as a three-star attraction which people can go to for a much-needed respite from shopping.  It is your getaway from tall buildings and busy streets of Singapore.  The Botanic Gardens’ has a rainforest called the National Orchid Garden and an Evolution Garden depicting the early formation of plants on earth.  It also features a mini theater stages showing the plants’ evolution within an expanse of green grass.

    Botanic gardens

    Botanic gardens

  2. Pasir Ris Park – Tourists and their family in tow should visit this enchanting park.  It has the largest outdoor children’s playground with multiple structures that kids can play on.  Aside from the slides and swings, it also has climbing walls, nets and the famous flying foxes.  It also has a garden maze, which offers fun and excitement for all.  Children and adults alike can have an exciting day in the park, which is shaded by the tall trees and located near the sea.  While parents relax and watch their children discover all the fun in the play area, they can also enjoy the breeze coming from the sea.
  3. Sembawang Park – Situated away from the city, north of Singapore which faces the Johor Straits, this park has an attractive and natural beach, picnic tables and barbecue pits perfect for picnics by the seaside with the whole family.  This is also a great place to swim, play and have fun activities in the water.  Fitness buffs can go jogging while fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a quiet time waiting for their baits to catch a fish.  What’s also amazing with this park is it also serves as a place where you can have a glimpse of the naval heritage of Singapore.  The old restored pathways will take you back in time during the occupation by the British.  Also visit the Admiralty House, Sembawang memorial and Sembawang shipyard as other naval historical places around the park.
  4. Esplanade Park – This is located near the business district wherein employees can have their lunch breaks and breathe some fresh air.  This is also a good place to relax and calm your nerves before heading back to your offices.  This park also has some historical structures that remind the people of how this park used to be.  The Dalhousie Obelisk commemorates the British India Governor-General Lord Dalhousie’s visit in 1850.  The Cenotaph, which is a famous monument in the park was built to remember the 124 British soldiers who died in World War 1 with an inscription “They died that we might live”.  There is also a classical Victorian style fountain at Esplanade Park.  This fountain commemorates the presence of the early Chinese merchants who contributed for the construction of the waterworks and another famous Singapore attraction MacRitchie Reservoir.
  5. Mount Faber Park – Get romantic with your loved one and take a stroll on this park with its panoramic and breathtaking skyline of the Sentosa.  Enjoy sweet and quiet walks on Faber Walk during sunset and witness the grandeur of Singapore’s city lights.  Also try out the different activities on Faber Peak like the cable car rides and the various dining experiences with the restaurants in the park.  For special occasions like wedding anniversaries, you can also book your events in the park and have a memorable experience even while you are on vacation.

    FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates

    FaberPeak_Guitarists entertaining delegates

  6. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park – Dog-lovers will surely enjoy the park’s vast 62-hectare space for park-goers and dog-owners alike.  Families can take a leisure day at the park and let their dogs play.  Many dog owners take their pets at the park and let them run, learn new tricks and meet other dogs in the area.  Another great reason to get fit, while walking or running with your dog.  The park has been renovated and pathways have been replaced with concrete and filled with trees and plants.  There is a three-kilometer refreshing river rich in wildflowers and lush greenery.  Other recreational activities are also held in the park, which can be participated by both adults and kids.  Nature lovers can also enjoy interesting and various types of flora and fauna.
  7. Hort Park – For those who have green thumbs, those who love gardening or just take care of plants, this is the perfect place for you to visit.  Learn more about this wonderful hobby in this park, which is very near to the Mount Faber Park.  Hort Park offers programs and events to promote education on gardening both as a lifestyle and hobby.  With the many recreational, research and educational activities lined up for the visitors to join, there will be lots of excitement and fun moments.  For those who have gardening problems, they also offer planting solutions and other ideas to improve your garden.  An awareness meet sponsored by industry members and partners is held monthly to stir interest in children to appreciate and learn gardening as a healthy hobby.
  8. East Coast Park – Regarded as one of Singapore’s treasured park which offers urban getaways for visitors, it is a 15-kilometer park lined with food cafes, hawker stalls and seafood restaurants.  Dine in the chalets found in the park and under the fresh breeze of the sea air.  Plus, there are recreational activities lined up for those looking for some action.  If you’re a sporty kind of person, you won’t be bored with activities like cycling, beach volleyball or cable skiing to name a few.  For skaters, there is Xtreme SkatePark to join in and show your talent.
  9. Bedok Reservoir Park – Surrounding the 88-hectare Bedok Reservoir, this park was converted into a sand quarry making it a perfect place for people who are into water sports activities.  There are a number of fun and adrenaline pumping activities lined up to make your day into an exciting one with the whole family.  Sporting recreational activities like wakeboarding, kayaking and dragon boating stir the interest of professional and amateur enthusiasts alike.  Runners can join the regular marathons at the park.  Those who just want to view the spectacular sceneries can sit and relax on the benches that line up the park.  There is also a floating deck near the Activity Mall area which visitors can have a wonderful view of the Bedok Reservoir.

10. Pearl’s Hill City Park – This park is built on top of Pearl’s Hill Terrace around a reservoir so this is a perfect place for meditation.  If you want some peace and quiet away from the city’s noise and fast-paced lifestyle, go to this side of town and experience tranquility.  After a day of shopping or activities done, relax in this park and be amazed on how this park lull your senses.  Go by the lotus pond and enjoy the calmness of the place.


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