Shopping on a Budget in Singapore: Be Smart – “Save and Shop”!

Singapore is now becoming a shopping capital in the world with the many international brands they offer.  Many people are flocking to this part of Asia to shop, eat and have fun aside from sightseeing the city.  Aside from the tourist attractions available, shopping is always on the list.  Since tourists are now budget-conscious, they opt for the affordable shopping centers around.  So after hunting for these budget-friendly centers, it’s like finding a gem.  You may have arrived in Singapore empty-handed but you’ll depart with a baggage full of wonderful finds.

To help you out on where to go to get your money’s worth, check the stores so you won’t miss the ones that really offer prices that suit your budget.

Have fun shopping in Singapore!

Have fun shopping in Singapore!

1.  Mustafa Center – this building has stores that have rock-bottom prices so you’ll enjoy shopping here.  You can find different kinds of products at the cheapest and lowest prices and you can even haggle so you can buy more items.  Items ranges from electronics, jewelries, shoes, cosmetics, watches, toiletries, beauty products, books, furniture and other household items, hardware and clothing.  Scout for the one that gives the lowest prices and who knows?  Maybe you’ll be able to get better items on other stores.  What’s also amazing with this center is it is open 24 hours so there’s no restriction on your shopping time.  Also, be sure to wear comfortable clothes as this place can be chaotic and you may be fighting for an item with other local shoppers or tourists from India so it is also known as Little India.  This shopping center also offers services like foreign exchange so you need not worry if you ran out of local currency.  With the all-day and all-night shopping hours, you can roam around the city during the day and after resting for a while, shop in this place in the evening so you won’t waste any time while in Singapore.

2.  Bugis Street – another place for affordable shopping for trendy clothes, accessories, shoes and bags.  Women will enjoy looking for the latest fashion in stores on this street with lower prices so be ready to have your shopping bag filled up in no time.  Try each store so you can check what each offer and you might find what fits you.  Accessories are plenty in this side of town so you won’t have a hard time looking for what’s latest in fashion.  You can also mix and match an item with one store and find the match with other stores.  The atmosphere is exhilarating with all the stores in the street including alleys.  The smell of food will also make you eat once in awhile to boost your energy with all-day shopping.

3.  Far East Plaza – this may be considered as one of the few oldest shopping places in Orchard Road area.  With this building, fashion seekers will have a great time shopping as it offers lots of fashion wear and accessories with a mix of Hong Kong, Korean or vintage apparels.  So if you’re into retro style then this place is for you.  Prices are very affordable and with the little money you have, you’ll be surprised with the many items you’ll be able to buy and there’s still left for more.  Shoppers, especially the women will also enjoy the beauty and health services available.  From hair and nail services to spa and tattoo services, these can serve as a respite and treat your aching feet from shopping all day. You can also check out the Indian stores in Little India for some exciting bargains.

Get exciting bargains in Little India

Get exciting bargains in Little India

4.  Lucky Plaza – another place not to miss in the Orchard area where it caters to budget shoppers.  It is an old building so expect a messy sort-of layout of the floor-plan for the vendors but it is beneficial for the shoppers.  Other shops sell high-end items and this plaza houses stores which sells used books, casual and trendy clothes and accessories.  If you have a sweet tooth, chocolates and other sweets are also available.  You can munch on a candy bar to keep you up all day for an exciting shopping experience.  If you’re a person who loves perfumes then this is the place to go.  It may not be those expensive and branded perfumes but they smell nice.  Some stores also sell signature perfumes in sample sizes so you can still have those scents you’ve always wanted to have.

5.  Anchorpoint Shopping Center – get ready for an exciting and fun shopping experience with this place.  This is where you’ll find the factory outlets of famous and well-known international brands like Billabong, Charles & Keith, Giordano, Typo, G2000, Pedro and Cotton On.  So who won’t be amazed with shopping for these brands that offers up to 70% discount off-season.  So this is still a place for budget shoppers in Singapore since prices were cut down.  This is hidden from the outside world and known by local shoppers.  So once you get a hold of this place, take advantage of the merchandise which is way cheap from its original price.  Just be ready to line up for queue due to the numerous shoppers. And how can we forget the exciting range and merchandise of Chinatown, which lures shoppers from all over Singapore!

Chinatown: The Mecca of Shoppers

Chinatown: The Mecca of Shoppers

6.  Sim Lim Square and Computer Center – for electronic or gadget techie hunting for cheap items, this is the place for you.  It is near Bugis Street or Little India.  Sim Lim Square is the IT hub where you can find the latest gadgets or electronics are found.  The building has six floors and two of them are dedicated to consumer electronics like LCD or plasma TV screens, cameras, sound systems and office equipments.  The other floors are all IT things.  Gamers and the tech-savvy individuals flock to this area to look for new items and replace or upgrade the gadgets they have.  These items are sold with competitive prices so a lot of people throng to this area after shopping for clothes and accessories.

7.  City Plaza – this plaza is a unique and different shopping experience due to the wholesale idea of the store owners.  To be able to get low-priced items, gather your friends or some people to shop with you and avail of the wholesale price.  Be sure to buy in bulk otherwise you’ll be getting the item in its original amount and you’ll feel cheated.

8.  Editor’s Market – in this shopping place, you’ll find clothes which are chic and trendy.  For you to take advantage of the cheap prices, all you have to do is shop more because the more items you buy, the cheaper they get.  So if you’re into clothes, then this is the place you need to be.

9.  Sungei Road Thieves Market – it does not have thieves for the store owner but in the past, thieves used to sell the goods they have stolen in this road or hawk them, so to speak.  Items are usually fashionable clothing which is priced exceptionally low and you can still haggle for more discounts.  Enjoy going around from one booth to another and maybe you’ll find a suitable piece of clothing for you at low prices.

10. Scape – this used to be a weekend market place but is still is an exciting place with shops selling accessories for all occasions.  Just have the patience in looking for the right accessory to go with your outfit and you will find what you are looking for.  You can also find some cosmetics and beauty products at prices you’ll smile about.


  1. Bugis street is the famous place to buy souvenirs


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