Unusual Attractions of Singapore: Explore These Hidden Gems!

Singapore is becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia both for business and leisure.  Many attractions are being put up to entice more people to visit this city-state known for its cleanliness.  Aside from the central business district with many things to offer, there are still places worth going to.

With the increase of those who are interested in going on vacation in other countries, this is a perfect time to visit and stay in Singapore for your rest and recreation.  Your stay will be a memorable one if you get to visit some of the unusual attractions which you may find amusing and fun.  Nowadays, some tourists prefer to go to places where there are unusual events happening.  Here are some of them and visiting these places may help you find what you are looking for.

Get exciting bargains in Little India

Get exciting bargains in Little India

  1. Little India – this place is filled with Singapore’s cultural background and to be able to understand it, one has to experience and see the beautiful and interesting temples and get to smell the aromatic food.  This also has a market filled with different spices and stores selling garments like sarongs and saris. You can choose one from the many colorful garments and buy some to match your outfit and to remind you of your stay in Singapore.  Store owners are more than happy to teach the tourists on how to wear the garments properly and correctly.  Maybe you can take home a piece or two and bring home a part of Singapore’s culture with you.
  2. Changi Chapel Museum – this place will take you back in time during World War II wherein millions of people were affected by this horrible catastrophe.  This used to be a prison where POWs and total civilians were secluded during the Japanese occupation.  When you visit the place, you will be reminded of the dark and somber period and tells you how it made a mark in Singapore’s history.  Here you can view the drawings, photographs with letters from the prisoners.  There is also a guided tour if you want to know more about the place.

    Children have fun at the National Museum

    Children have fun at the Museum

  3. Punggol Stables – experience farm life in this place and enjoy riding horses and ponies.  It is a relatively new location at Punggol End and targets families especially with children as they will have time to enjoy riding.  There are numerous horses and ponies so visitors will not wait long in line to ride one.  If you opt to stay overnight and spend more time in the farm, you can rent a Gallop Wagon for a fee.  These are caravan-shaped houses that families can stay into whenever they decide to spend the night over.  The rented houses are equipped with TV, WiFi, air-conditioning unit and shower and toilet facility.  There are also rented barbecue pits for cooking.  Just like really staying in a farm.  A café is also available for an all-day breakfast menu plus beer for the men.  This is definitely a different kind of fun experience.
  4. Sengkang Riverside Park – if you are tired of seeing buildings and skyscrapers in the city and wanted to breathe fresh air, go to the Sengkang Riverside Park and experience nature in the midst of this bustling city.  Nature lovers will surely enjoy being in this hidden sanctuary which is located between Punggol and Sengkang.  It is a walking distance from the Anchorvale Community Center and after a series of laps in the pool, head to the park to relax and spend a quiet time especially during weekdays.  You can find yourself lost in the forest-like surrounding with the many trees and the sky only to keep you company.

    See the wild animals up, close and personal

    See the wild animals up, close and personal

  5. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves – another treasure in Singapore wherein it holds a park with mangroves and lots of bird species making it their home.  With the recent restructuring of the park, it was developed into a more activity areas to serve the specific needs of the visitors.  There are difference activity levels for each zone and one can enjoy each area’s activity and learn more about the importance of the park.  Zone 1 caters to visitors mostly in groups leading them to the play area and the floating boardwalk to let them see the mangroves more closely.  Zones 2 and 3 have low activity levels and the visitors are accompanied by tour guides.  Zone 4 is a restricted area for research and conversation purposes.  All in all, this is a perfect place to appreciate nature even more and help in the restoration and preservation of the park.
  6. Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel – if you want to experience a strange and different kind of fun then this is the place for you to visit.  This is an abandoned hostel which used to house students from Brunei who was sent to Singapore to study.  Here, one can find the run-down buildings with some collapsed sections, burnt walls and dilapidated stairs.  There are also debris fallen from the building or old furniture lying around the place.  This is now turned into a place for enthusiasts of film or photography doing their projects and getting a feel of the old buildings for their inspiration.  Another reason to visit the place for the more adventurous people searching for paranormal activity in the area.  So better go in groups and experience an eerie bit of fun.
  7. Labrador Nature Reserve Park – is an oasis of natural wonders.  It is a favorite place for nature and bird lovers as there are numerous bird species in the area.  You can view the sea through the walkway and enjoy the fresh sea wind blowing around you.  There are many activities that can be done in the park like bird watching, fishing, sightseeing, barbecuing, picnics and a good place to do some exercise and workout.  The park is even a part of history during World War II where two tunnels go out under the sea which passes through Sentosa.    Although it is closed off to the public today but you can still see the tunnel from outside the park.  It will definitely be a good thing to see something from the past.

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