Walk the Talk: Discover Singapore through a walking tour!

Singapore is a nature’s wonderland with its lush green tropical forests and rich colorful flowers all around. The perfect way to take that all in is through a walking tour. There are plenty of walking tours available in Singapore and you need to get on one and have the ultimate one-of-a-kind experience. Walk the talk and experience Singapore, like you can never do while in a cab or sitting at a restaurant. This thing takes the excitement level of sightseeing to a whole new level.

There is no better way to enjoy the magical city of Singapore than a great walking tour with your friends and family, or even alone for that matter. Everyone loves some rejuvenating alone time together, don’t they?

Enjoy the wonderful city on foot

Enjoy the wonderful city on foot

Advantages of Walking Tours:

Modern day Singapore has so much to offer to the tourists and even to the locals that one walking tour just isn’t enough. And what are the relative advantages of a walking tour over the traditional sight-seeing methods?

  • You are on foot all the time and it is so much fun; you do not even feel tired
  • By taking these amazing walking tours, you literally go back in time and see the pretty colonial past of Singapore
  • Learn some amazing facts about the British rule
  • Get to know about the mix cultural values of this city
  • Gorge on yummy and savory food all the time
  • Escape the crazy hustle bustle of everyday life and step into calming silence for once and enjoy life
  • These tours are not simply tours, they will rejuvenate you like nothing before
  • Planning a trip for Singapore might be prove to be a little heavy on your pockets, but these walking trips through some of the best walking trails in Singapore are offered for free too at some places. So you must definitely add them in your itinerary!
  • Most importantly, you will have a great time

You will get to spend so much time in the arms of nature that you will literally breathe fresh oxygen after a long time. The constant chirping of birds, the sheets of greenery in front of you, the ample time you have for just walking and feeling healthy; all this will do a magic on you like you have never felt before.

Do not forget to take that fancy camera of yours to capture this beautiful journey on a first hand basis and if you like to draw, you will find your muse everywhere. Just like an artist, draw the beautiful city of Singapore with every small detail and fragment. These well-planned walks will make you uncover some of the many precious and hidden treasures of Singapore and the best thing is that you can choose a secret spot for yourself and visit it later on when you feel like being all by yourself with nature and your thoughts!

You can choose your pick from an endless list of walking tours that many tour companies offer in Singapore. Some of them are described below:

  • Marina Bay Walking Tour – Spend an evening strolling around the beautiful and picturesque Singapore. This place is full of energy and colors and it will make you feel really pumped up. You can also visit some museums that fall around the Marina Bay. The walk here is self-guided and you must go at night time only to enjoy the light art that this place puts up every night. You must visit the Sky Park at the end of your walking tour at Marina Bay.Singapore Merlion
  • China Town – The cultural essence of Singapore is best displayed at China Town. The place is made up of colorful buildings and you can enjoy a great meal every now and then here. You can explore the Red Light area also, if you want to. You must visit GeyLand while on a walking tour at China Town.
  • Raffles Place – This is the central financial district of Singapore and houses many important buildings. The architecture is literally from the future and you be baffled by how clean and uptight this place looks to be. Do walk up till the Merlion Park on your walking tour at the Raffled Place.
  • The Heritage Trails – If you are a history lover, then you must take the Heritage walking tour and learn about the historical importance of Singapore. The artifacts, the stories, the museums, all of these things are covered in the Heritage Trail.
  • Singapore River Heritage Trail – Go on a river heritage trail and enjoy the coolness of the river shore along with learning about the history of Singapore. Visit some of the most important monuments in Singapore and do not forget to click many pictures!
  • The Bras Basah and Bugis Walking Trail – As unconventional as the name might sound this walking tour will take your straight inside the heart of Singapore. This is one of those tours, which are pretty unconventional and special. The area is always alive with youthful energy and a little electricity in the air.

These tours along with many other walking tours can be taken up while on a vacation to the busiest city in the whole world.

Jump on the road less traveled and take these walking tours. You will never regret your choice but you will regret it if you will not take a walking tour around this beautiful city of lights. In case you are not a person who likes to be ordered around to visit here and there, go on a self-guided trip where no one will boss you around and enjoy the freedom of your feet!

The climate of Singapore might be hot and humid, sometime erratic even, but that should not stop you from taking a walk instead of a cab to some of the most beautiful destinations here. Singapore is one of the most pedestrian friendly places in the whole world and one should definitely take advantage of that and go on a walking spree at will. Just remember to take your umbrella with you, as the Singapore rains are pretty unpredictable! The sidewalks are well maintained and no driver messes up here when a pedestrian is crossing the road. There are ample and necessary signposts all along the roads and you can get maps also easily at the street corners to help you around the city easily. You really do not have to worry about getting lost while on a walking tour!

Best Time to Indulge in a Walking Tour:

If you are planning on taking one of the walking tours around the city, you should plan either in the early morning or late in the evening as the weather at these times is cooler and the breeze feels good on your face.

So do not miss these walking tours for the world, as you will surely cry over it if you do. Walking is always healthy for the heart and if you combine it with sightseeing some of the prettiest places in one of the prettiest places on earth, you might just give up taking your car out totally!

So choose a walking trail tour and gear up in your best walking shoes, the pretty and refreshing walking tours are waiting for you and your extra large smile!

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