My Singapore

Singapore is a melting cultural pot, which welcomes visitors from all nationalities with open arms. It has a lot to offer to the visitors in terms of a premium holiday experience, shopping and numerous attractions. Hence, we can safely ignore the people who say that there is nothing more than shopping and food in Singapore. Now we have three camps of visitors. The first timer camp, the couple who came like in 90’s and then the seasoned visitor who knows which hawker stall gives the best Balachang [Indonesian Chilli]

Get Lost in 21st Century Urban Luxuries

We will be starting with the first time visitor to Singapore. We know you are just trying to see the most in whatever time you have. If  you happened to have advice from a novice friend, telling you that you could see the whole Singapore in a day, then it’s time to send a message to that dude to get his facts right. Singapore has much more to often. So where should you start from. There are many Singapore Tours available, but you want do it yourself right. So my advice is to head towards the Marina. Best time to reach Marina is around 6 pm so you still have some sunlight left to absorb the serene colours of the bay and the wonderful environment around it. You can walk all around the marina using the amazing bridges and get to take great snaps of the city.


You cannot miss the Merlion statue, the symbol of Singapore, the mythical creature with the head of a Lion and body of a fish. Sitting on a crest of waves. Your tour to Singapore will surely be incomplete without a selfie with Merlion. The Mysterious creature with which Singapore has associated itself for many decades was thought up by the designer Fraser Brunner as the tourist emblem for the City State. The idea behind was to symbolize Strength and bravery by using a Lion’s Head and the fish body is a reference to Singapore’s past; when it used to be a small fishing village. The locals however are certain that Merlion is a real creature that lives in Singapore’s coastal waters and protect it from all harms and disasters.

[more coming tomorrow]

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